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Someone Asked Jennifer Love Hewitt and Her Boyfriend to be in Their Christmas Music Video

That ‘someone’ being Dave Barnes, whom I’ve never heard of, but he’s pretty alright.

And the song? Totally adorable. I will be buying this on iTunes because I am a Christmas-loving freak. The video? Though this goes against every single minuscule fiber of my very being – deep breath – I actually love the video. I think Jennifer Love Hewitt is totally adorable in it, if a bit over the top, and her cheeseball boyfriend, Alex Beh, is the perfect complement.

What did you guys think of the video? Am I coming over to the dark side, praising Jennifer Love Hewitt? Is it just the spirit of the upcoming holiday that’s got me so entranced (because that’s happened before, don’t you know.)?

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  • LOVE the song and video. This might be the first time jlove isn’t getting on my nerves… maybe its because she isn’t speaking…
    But Dave Barnes is excellent, he’s been around for awhile. He’s got some hilarious videos on youtube too.

  • Alex Beh directed the music video. He’s been friends with Dave Barnes for many years. So what a fabulous idea to have Alex’s girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt in the video as well! :)