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First Peek at John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe

John Cusack creeps me the fuck out with his Twitter page and he’s about to do the same thing in his new movie, The Raven. John is playing Edgar Allan Poe, and while I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him act well enough to believe he can pull this part off, he certainly got his shit together in wardrobe.

Are you going to see The Raven?

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  • John might be an acquired taste, but he CAN ACT, and in a range of things considering his range between “Fat Man, Little Boy” versus “Pushing Tin” and his shining loyalty to the likes of Joe Strummer or HS Thompson, perhaps he could be hard for some to grasp. Heh, I’m still holding out on marriage because I haven’t found a Lloyd Dobler yet. Yeah, it’s an oldie, but watch “Say Anything” if you see nothing else about him being ‘meh.’

    Maybe his liberal tendencies creep some ppl out – but not me; I was tethered to the Bush Admin in DC far too long before the change came and saw first hand why the literal meaning of his posts weren’t merely innuendo and why some of his recommended authors and speakers were so superb.

    But credit is due on his acting craft (and Joan’s as well) and him transitioning smoothly from a teen star into one heck of a creative and intelligent adult, where so many others fail on that very journey.

    Sigh, but if “The Grifters,” “Better Off Dead,” “Grosse Pointe Blank,” “Eight Men Out,” or “Map of the Human Heart” can’t change your mind, nothing will. Guess through things like The Ice Storm or Midnight in the Garden, you either love the noire film humor or strong topics he takes on, or hate it. It’s like how folks are with the Coen Brothers’ films. ;)