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Joe Jonas Broke Up With Demi Lovato Because She Was Cray-Cray

photo of demi lovato disney star sent to rehab for eating disorder and cutting pictures

Demi Lovato recently admitted herself to a treatment center for help with her cutting and emotional problems and while everyone is citing a fight with one of her back up dancers as what made Demi realize she needed help, these problems have been going on for some time.

A source close to Joe Jonas, Demi’s last boyfriend, spoke to People and said that the two split because of Demi’s behavior:

…while Joe, 21, was dating Demi, she “was a true teenager in love.” But despite her feelings for the middle Jo Bro, he had to end things because “Demi’s attitude and behavior were out of control.” The report continues on to say that she was “a mess” and “tortured.”

It seems that Joe saw the troubling signs in Demi long before she broke down at the airport. The source also insists that everyone knew about her problems, including her battle with cutting: “‘It wasn’t a secret. She was getting help.”

There’s nothing funny about this, per se, but I would have killed to have been a fly on the wall during one of Joe and Demi’s fights. She’ll be fine. She definitely will. She’s 18 and doesn’t appear to be too into partying (I choose not to believe the reports that homegirl is a cokehead), but I’m sure those fights were some epic teenage drama.

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  • this is a load of garbage it says i would love to be a fly on the wall 1 problum nethier of them sing that and how they say it it seams like there refering to a song ritten by them thats how you can tell this is fake

  • DEMI LOVATO is just another DISNEY slave. She went into “rehab” for more brainwashing/mind control, this is the real reason the official media wont tell u, of course. She has no problem with drugs and alcohol or partying but they had to find smth for the sheeple to believe them, rite?

  • Cray Cray?!?!?!?!!!! REALL???? This is a teenage girl fighting some of the most difficult diseases to overcome. She is a beautiful, strong, young lady who will hopefully recover fully and move on to have a happy career and life. Hopefully bullies that were calling her fat and helped cause her bulimia aren’t now just going to switch to calling her crazy.

  • I LOVE U DEMI! ! ! So anyway im pretty fat myself and once in my lifetime i wanted to die. But its not somthing to worry of. its not To starve yourself Its this watch ur body take care of it watch what u eat, excersise and be happy