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Is Miley Going to Stick With Mom or Dad Post-Divorce?

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus are getting divorced but they’ve yet to decide how they’ll be splitting up their biggest asset: Miley. With Miley being worth close to a billion dollars, she’s obviously the family bread winner. She’ll be turning 18 soon enough, but whatever parent she chooses to keep managing her career (or at least on her payroll) will be in the money for life.

Miley seems to be sticking close to her dad ever since rumors broke that Tish cheated on Billy Ray with that sea monster Bret Michaels. A source close to the family was quoted as saying, “Miley and Billy Ray have an incredible bond. This whole situation has hurt Miley’s relationship with her mother — she’s definitly going to side with her father.”

And it seems like Miley and her mother haven’t been that close for some time now. You guys may remember that I reviewed Miley’s show at the House of Blues earlier this year where the singer put her mom on blast for skipping the show due to illness.

It’s not looking good for Tish. It’s a shame that the girl even has to make a choice, though.

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  • miley i hope u make the right decision and not let money ever get in the way and who u really are.i’m sorry 4 all this happening but ur still lucky my parents were never married