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Guess the Actress, or Guess Who Should Be Wearing Pants

photo of courtney love upskirt pictures

You get these hints:

1. Even her spawn doesn’t like her.
2. Most OK, all of her tattoos look like lesions.
3. A higher force occasionally slips a pod person into this woman’s shell of a body, merely for immortal entertainment.
4. And … No, it’s not Britney Spears, despite the funked-up hair and previous giveaway hints.

Got it? Think you’ve got what it takes to guess that actress ass?

Jump in to find out if y’all were right.

photo of courtney love pictures upskirt photos

Yup. The one, the only – the often imitated, but never duplicated (you best thank your lucky stars for that, girl) – Courtney Love. Stick that ass in your Friday pipe and smoke it.

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