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Miley Cyrus’s Mom and Dad Are Splitting

photo of billy ray cyrus tish finley miley cyrus family pictures

Yup, the Hollywood couple that you thought for sure would last the strains of time and Botox, shitty country songs, many pointless name changes, and teenage girls with identity crises who wear skimpy costumes and influence their toddler sisters to debut lingerie lines — it’s official:  Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Finley are gittin’ a dee-vorce!

The couple, who cited irreconcilable differences, filed for the legality late yesterday afternoon in Tennessee, and released this joint statement to their ‘fans’:

“As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our family. We are trying to work through some personal matters. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.”

This, after seventeen years of marriage and forty kids. Well hell. Sorry to hear that your marriage didn’t work out, guys, but hey. There’s always Dollywood. And the profits from that horrendous Walmart clothing line.

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  • Under the BROAD assumption the most daddies don’t like their daughters to dress like whores until she gets her first period, maybe the photo with braless nips-only Miley and the ten year old – is her name Noah? – in a blue peekaboo pushup bra out walking the streets (yeah) with mommy put the acky breaky back in Billy Ray’s heart. Or maybe he was just banging one of his cousins. Whatever. Don’t you miss the old days when you had to give the truth about why you just kicked your spouse to the curb? Where is the fun in “no fault”?

    • WTF is ur FUCKIN problem u bitch! this has nothing to do with it. Ur just fuckin jealous of miley and just because UR fucking life might not be fucking working out u have NO fucking right screw over other’s fucking lives. DO U FUCKING UNDERSTAND? WELL U FUCKING BETTER!

  • sorry bout ur mum n dad miley sum people thought ur mum was dead but i didnt so sorry bout them love u i admire u xx