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Quotables: Willow Smith Talks About Her Hair-Whipping Cohorts

“Me and my mom first came up with Willowettes, and then we came up with Warriorettes. It takes a warrior to stand up for themselves and not let anybody tell them that what they’re wearing or what they’re saying or what they’re doing is wrong. It takes a warrior to do that, but it still takes sensitivity … also. We were kind of sloshing between Warriorettes and Willowettes, so we just called them Warriorettes, ’cause that’s the stuff that you need to do that. ‘Whip My Hair’ means don’t be afraid to be yourself and don’t let anybody tell you that that’s wrong. Because the best thing is you.

How darling is this girl?  I may not be all about that “Whip My Hair” song  – which is not to say that she isn’t a talented kid, it’s just not really my jam – but I’ll be damned if that little statement didn’t touch my heart.  Because the best thing is you, you guys.  Do you understand what Willow’s trying to communicate with this?  Adorable.

On a different note, I’m not going to play like the minute I heard about this song I didn’t think about Chris Crocker’s preciously wackadoodle “It’s a Hair Flip” video.  Is it too soon to request a Chris Crocker/Willow Smith collaboration?

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