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Kristen Stewart: The Next Meryl Streep?

A photo of Kristen Stewart

The answer is no, of course Kristen Stewart is not the next Meryl Streep.  That’s preposterous.  Meryl Streep is capable of evoking emotions and changing facial expressions on film, and Kristen is just not there yet.  But then again, that’s my my opinion.

Jake Scott, the director of Kristen’s new movie, Welcome to the Rileys, has a very different opinion of Kristen:

“She’s grown up, you know. She’s a woman now. She was a girl, or a young woman, when I first met her… I’ve known her three years and she’s just become this wonderful woman. She’s gonna do some um… I mean.. That’s some Meryl Streep stuff, you know?”

And then James Woods, who happens to be directing Kristen in a movie called American Girl, had similar things to say:

“The really great ones kind of submerge themselves. I always say that Kristen is like Brando, and I’ve always thought that she had that incredible sort of internal ability to submerge into the role and be lost in it in a good way. You know, so I see that with the best actors, DeNiro’s like that, so many good actors are like that. I have from the second I saw her in the Panic Room. I just thought this kid has something different. She just has something different. She just has insight, that unique insight that certain people have. You’re not getting a cookie cutter performance. You’re getting something that you don’t expect. You don’t know where to go and you kind of take the ride. I think she has the potential to be one of the best of her generation if not the best.”

You know, I agree with some of what James Woods had to say.  I agree that with Kristen’s work, you’re getting something that you don’t expect.  I certainly didn’t expect an actress who seems to have such little talent for acting to get so much work.  She’s like a one trick pony, except the trick is really lame and not impressive at all, but a lot of people thing that the pony has a pretty coat so they like to bring her out to shows under the pretense of doing that one trick.  And that’s not right.

But hey, it’s two against one right now, so maybe I’m wrong.  What about you guys?  Are you Team James Woods or Team Lame Pony?

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  • Im definitely team lame pony.
    I think kristin is a beautiful girl,
    and i do think she has the ability to talk normally in front of a screen which is more than i can say for some actors. But she has one face expression, and its a “what the hell is going on” look.
    Shes just not versatile. As for the Meryl Streep mention, yeah frickin right. NO ONE will come close to Meryl.

  • Lame pony. I just don’t get her appeal at all. There are plenty of very beautiful yet more talented girls out there.

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  • meryl streep is the best actrees ever! kristen stewart is not as good as her. long way to go kristen before youll be under the belt of meryl streep.

  • I’m a big fan of her in Safety of Objects and Panic Room. I thought she was the most talented child actor back then.

    Maybe she seems resentful about the Twilight movies, but I think she knows what we all know: those movies totally killed her artistic credibility. Oops.

  • I have never seen KS act so I can’t comment. I do imagine, though, that she has probably already made so much money that if she invests and doesn’t live an absolutely crazy lifestyle she would never have to work again unless she wanted to. Or close to it. How many people can say that at twenty?
    If someone told me when I was twenty I could have bags of money and a life of leisure and all I had to do was a few jobs, but people would criticize the crap out of me for the level of work I did? I’d have said bring it on.

  • Is this a joke?, omg Kristen can’t even act and she is so fugly, she will never be as good as Meryl, this is so dumb.
    Kristen Stewart Sucks!!!!!!!!!!
    Meryl Streep Rocks