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OH. MAH. GAWD. The ‘Whip My Hair’ Video is NEXT LEVEL!!!

Willow Smith has officially made the coolest music video I’ve seen since “Telephone”. There’s diamonds glued to her lips. She dips her hair in paint and swings her head around the room like she’s Jaquisha Pollock or some shit. The cafeteria set looks like it’s part of a multimillion dollar space movie from the 70s.

You gotta watch this. Wait til you get home from work or go to a friend’s house or just go to Best Buy and be all ghetto like that and watch the video there.

This girl is nine years old. We should all be scared.

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  • I don’t deny that she is talented but just like many of the songs of the 2000s, it’s very repetitive. It’s got a decent beat but it doesn’t seem like a song of long-term viability. I guess that’s when they should take advantage of the market. She reminds me a lot of Raven Simone, especially with the poofy hair.

    I wonder if the Fresh Prince is producing these songs/videos in collaboration with someone else.

    I just watched The Karate Kid (2010) and all I could see was a mini Will Smith. Jaden’s mannerisms, speech and look reflect so much of his father. It was neat to see. I don’t really see a mini Jada in Willow but maybe in a few more years it’ll show more since Jaden is 12.

    Anyway, more power to the kids!

  • ADORABLE – and almost no bare skin to speak of!! Thank freaking G-D. I’m so sick of chicks that have to flash all they’ve got to get attention… WE NEED OUR MORALS BACK PEOPLE!

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  • this video is evil and controling the minds of teens. im only 12 years old but my first time watching the video i thought that the colors were cool and the diamonds on her lip. i only liked the video not the song but the song isnt the thing thats evil its the video. if u look closely at the video u will see that the kids in the lunch room are drinking out of a cup thats on metaphor for drinking the kool-aid. Then willow comes in and adds color to the room which represents the spirit world which is evil she playing the roll of satan shes inlighting them by whiping her hair back and forth. When shes starts dance by the lockers shes dancing on a checker floor and thats a symbol of mind control. I am glad i wasnt into this song as much as these other people. And when i found out about all these symbols of mind control i watched some videos on mtv and realized its not only in willow smiths video. like yeah 3x by chris brown the x means 6 and 3x means 666 which most people kno thats a smybol of evil. music is very popular now a days and some of these songs have some strong lyrics like every girl by lil wayne. he says ”I like a long hair thick red-bone
    open up her legs to filet mignon that pussy” then the song keeps on saying ”i wish i could f* ck every girl in the world. but in lil waynes songs he keeps on praising light skin and redbone women and on one of his songs he say ”beautiful black woman i bet that b*tch look betta red” that offended me cuz im dark skin and i have low self esteem so that made it worst for me and if yo kids are burstin out some random lyrics that u have no clue what song it is u should ask them. then look it up one computer or itunes. itunes is very popular if u have a ipod touch and iphone or if yo kid has one look for the itunes app its a purple box with a white music note and if u press on it with your thumb u will be on itunes.