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Lil Wayne Reaches Out From Solitary Confinement

Lil Wayne’s prison sentence got a lot rougher when he was busted with a homemade MP3 player that he was using to help him write music while still in lockdown. He was placed in solitary confinement, a punishment that is usually reserved for the most dangerous/hard to handle criminals.

Yesterday, Wayne reached out to his fans on his blog to us all know how he’s doing:

“This punishment has been handed to me for my earlier MP3 incident. I admit, I f***ed up and now I must deal with the consequences. As I write this, I only have 25 days left [20 days at press time], and it’ll be even less than that when you read this. So honestly, I’m fine. Obviously, [solitary] gives me a lot of time to myself and a lot of alone time with my thoughts, which can be creatively dangerous.”

Anyone who saw The Carter knows that Wayne has probably been in that padded room writing some of the most insane shit that we’ll ever hear.

But considering Wayne’s rigged MP3 player incident is more like, rascal-y than criminal-y, don’t you think solitary is a little bit of a rough sentence? Not to mention a drain on our system’s resources. Save that shit for the Hannibal Lecters.

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  • A while ago I read a post about Lil Wayne and miss Lohan. I don’t understand why everything is so cool that Lil Wayne does and LiLo gets all this shit from bloggers. I just don’t get it. Lil Wayne is a criminal, LiLo is caught in an identitycrisis or something. I just don’t get how you think he’s cool. HE’S A CRIMINAL.

  • I agree. I mean, Lindsay is a criminal too, because she drank and drove. But yeah, Lil Wayne is a criminal and everyone seems to just not care, which is dumb.

  • @bina your fuckin stupid.. Lindsay Lohan is a drug addicted whore.. She’s been on drugs for years andshe gets away with being a fuckin junkie.. She’s a junkie jus bcos she got money she’s allowed to abuse drugs??? Hmm she’s treated differentwonder why shes a fuckin DRUG ADICCT. Fuck you

  • I think you’re fuckin stupid. And judging from your poor verbal behavior, I think you ACTUALLY ARE stupid. So that first comment was completely legit.

    So, here’s my second guess: You’re a Lil’ Wayne groupie.
    Right, why don’t you just write him love letters and send them to his prison *this is not a question*. He’d really like that.

    And in my book, a girl with a drug addiction isn’t a criminal, but someone who needs HELP and this does not mean help from the famewhores in Hollywood. Whereas Lil’ Wayne just has to rot in prison, because I wouldn’t want my children to EVER listen to him.

    I hope you don’t have kids. Please don’t bother me again, because I find it difficult to deal with really dump people. =)

    Thank you!

  • if you dont like him or think he is a criminal, then dont follow. keep that negative shit to yourself!!!!

  • So according to you Lindsay Lohan, who has broken the law and violated her probation on MULTIPLE occasions, is just a “helpless” individual who needs direction. But Wayne derserves to rot in jail because he’s bad example to your kids?
    And what is Miss Lohan teaching your children? That you can get away with breaking the law as long as your a famous white female? Gimme a break.

  • Ohhh…u listen here u Crazy Mutha Fuckas…we ALL tend 2 do shit we not supposed 2 n later u B!@#$%S dont sit here n CRITISIZE dis MAN 4 MAKIN A MISTAKE..WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS….N WIT DAT BEIN SAID..,YALL NEED 2 FALL UP OFF DIS 1…N IF U DONT WANT YA KIDS LISTENIN 2 HIS MUSIC…”GOOD”…IT AINT 4 cHILDREN N E WAY… SMDH @ U hATIN A$$ B!@#$%S…F@#K YA WIT A AIDS D!@K!!

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  • Hmmm . . . I don’t hear Wayne bitching about his sentence. It sounded to me like he actually takes some responsibility for the things he’s done wrong. It’s really not all that surprising that he’s made mistakes given his background.

    On the other hand, tell me one thing that Lindsay Lohan didn’t have fucking handed to her as a kid. She’s had more opportunities to have a perfect life than probably most rappers thrown together! And she’s still a whiny, drug-addicted, fame-addicted horrible excuse for a person.

    Lil Wayne is not perfect, and I’m sure he’d be the first to admit it. I’ve still yet to hear Lindsay admit to any culpability in her mess.

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