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Ke$ha Is Still The Classiest Broad Around

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any stories about Ke$ha, and it’s been upsetting me.  I’m not talking about new songs or music videos, because fuck that, I’m talking about “Guess Which Pop Star Got Photographed After Being Doused With Semen” stories.  But then I saw this video, and I tell you, it just turned my day right around.

I love it because of how real it is.  From the poor designated driver who wears that familiar look of “guys, can you please stop talking to these dudes, I just want to get home” to the way Ke$ha gets too overwhelmed with talking and just hangs her head down every once in a while, this could very easily be a clip from one of my nights down at the gay bar (because don’t paparazzi dudes often sound like guys at the bar who are just coming on way too strong?).  There’s even the friend who insists on talking to the guys even though it’s painfully clear that she is not the one they’re interested in.

My favorite part, of course, is when Ke$ha realizes that they’re about to drive away, so she shouts out the most brilliant exit line I’ve ever heard:  “this is like a fucking buffet table of dicks.”  I plan on incorporating that line into my life straightaway.

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  • I love Ke$ha, that girl is a hot drunk mess and it’s beautiful! Thanks GGB for writing a story her. You just made my night

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  • Wait what? I get that paparazzi are everywhere telling her how awesome she is, but really… What a fucking cunt. Honestly, asking if they wanted to get something to eat and she’s all “ewww!! What? No!!!” like they just asked to gang rape her instead. Then all creeped out for no reason she proceeds to call them all dicks.