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The Blue Valentine Trailer is Here and it’s Every Bit as Cute as I Thought it Would Be

So, remember I was telling you about this movie that starred Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams? The one in which I got my first in-real-life glance at a scruffy Gosling in a hat, on the very day I happened to be moving from the area in which the film was being shot? Yup, it’s the very same Blue Valentine and I am stoked.

The flick, which will be debuting in theaters soon (some say December in the US), has finally released its trailer to those who weren’t lucky enough to see it at the film festival at Cannes or Toronto, and it looks good. The rating, however, might deter a lot of theaters from future showings, and it might further prevent a lot of people from checking it out. The film’s current MPAA rating is NC-17, due to sex scenes that many are considering ‘raw’ and ‘explicit,’ but sources are saying that there’s a possibility that the films editors might remove such footage to drop the rating down to a family-friendly ‘R.’

I don’t give a shit either way, me. The trailer is cute, kitschy, and has a distinct hipster-indie vibe, and that makes it all-around appealing to me. Plus it depicts Ryan Gosling having sex. Could it get any better than that? …

I thought not.

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  • oh god, how badly i want to see a movie that depicts ryan gosling having sex…with me!!!!!
    i love him, he is so fucking hot!

  • “Cute, kitschy, and has a distinct hipster-indie vibe”…not one, not two, but three ways this movie will induce projectile vomiting when viewed.

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  • You do realize that the word “kitschy” is not describing something that is good. It means poor quality.

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