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Tori Spelling Hates Water

One of the first things that any nutritionist or trainer or dietitian will tell you is that, in order to stay fit, you need to be drinking a ton of water. Staying hydrated and flushing out your system is the only thing that keeps you from holding on to that life-ruining sodium bloat. That’s why I’m so confused after learning that Tori Spelling doesn’t drink water. I remember Victoria Beckham saying something a few years ago about how she only drinks Diet Coke and never, ever water, but she also doesn’t claim that she’s eating-disorder free.

Tori, who has been concerning critics and fans alike with her rail-thin frame for years, recently told Access Hollywood, “I hate water! I’m never thirsty actually. I don’t drink water. I don’t sweat. Isn’t that weird?”

Yes, Tori. That’s very weird. In fact, I’m not even sure how you’re still alive.

Apparently when homegirl does get a case of the thirsties, she turns to a sip of her own homemade sparkling water and that’s only if she “has to.”

Look, I’ve been saying for years that it’s obvious there’s no God because if there was, he’d never make water taste so boring. Tori’s not wrong in that it isn’t necessarily the most tasty beverage, but it’s crucial.

So, seriously: How is it that she’s still alive? Are there other people out there who never drink water who are willing to explain their existence to me?

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  • As odd as it sounds, if someone is eating a whole foods diet filled with raw fruits and vegetables it is possible they can be healthy without drinking water since there is water in raw foods.

  • Lots of things contain water – fruits, veggies, even caffeinated sodas! So its sort of a lie that you need to drink 64oz of water a day – drink when you’re thirsty and hydrate before working out. But not drinking 64 oz of water a day isn’t going to kill you.

  • i used to hate water, too. then i started drinking it and realized how much better i felt afterward. hm tori and i related in some way.

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  • Yeah, I take a small sip of water in the morning to take a medication with and it’s a very tiny sip at that. Then, no more water for the rest of the day. Basically, I get 7 sips per week. I too eat tons of raw fruits and veggies and only when I’m physically exerting myself do I really feel the need to take extra drinks of water. I’ve been warned countless times by my doctor to increase my oral hydration though. Oh well.

  • I try to drink 3 litres a day. During the summer it’s pretty easy but in the winter I end up making hot tea instead. If you hate to drink water, try drinking it at room temperature. Yes, I know that sounds gross, but I find it take more effort to drink ice cold water. If I drink room temperature water it just doesn’t seem as bad so and I can just chug it and be done with quicker.

    Also? I don’t understand how alcoholic women are rail thin. I don’t drink alcohol, I eat healthy and I try to drink a lot of water and I can’t lose one damn pound. Life isn’t fair.

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  • Oh for fuck’s sake, doesn’t anybody else notice the “I don’t sweat–isn’t that weird” comment means she is dehydrated!?! If you don’t sweat and you are in a hot climate, you can drop dead. Idiod. Drink vitamin water or something. Contrary to what your eating disorder messed up brain tells you, water won’t make you fat. I’ve been there and I DID almost die. Have girls not learned ANYTHING in the past 20 years? What a dimwit. And she is a mother. Jesus.

  • I don’t care how many fresh veggies and fruits you eat, you still need water. It’s the most essential part of a human’s existence. You get water from soda and juices so if you didn’t drink those and just ate fresh veggies and fruits you would probably die inside a week.

  • Molls- I hope you were not serious when you made that statement. Would you have rather had God make water a beverage that made us take in all those wasted calories? What if water had been some compound that wasn’t pleasant to take a bath in or swim in? Anyway, that was a stupid thing to say. God made you and you should atleast be thankful for that.

  • anyway, THAT was a stupid thing to say-
    It sounds like you could do with some vitamin water if you believe that crap. Do you honestly think water was designed by a man in the sky, to hydrate us? And that said man in the sky also designed calories, and in a moment of benevolence decided to leave them out of water, rendering them flavorless?