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Let’s Just Look at Pictures of Rosario Dawson

A photo of Rosario Dawson

So I was hanging out with this dude one time, and he was like “Ok, if you could only have sex with five people for the rest of your life, but you could have sex with them whenever you wanted, who would you pick?”  And I am a very indecisive person, so I pussyfooted around the question, asking additional questions like “is magic involved, do fictional characters count?” and “are they willing or is this some shady hostage situation?”  But I finally managed to select my five people, and after I recovered from the stress of that selection, I was like “what about you?”  And he said “Rosario Dawson.”  There was no hesitation, and really no additional names for a while, there was just the total confidence of “if I could have sex with one person in the whole world, it would definitely be Rosario Dawson.”

Based on that experience, I feel like there must be several people out there in the world who would also like to have sexual relations with Rosario Dawson.  Lucky for you guys, because the lady did a pretty sexy photo shoot with German GQ to promote her new movie, Unstoppable, which is out in November.

Here you go, you guys!  Also, you’re welcome.

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