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Looks Like Inferno May Still Happen

Lindsay Lohan has lucked out once again. Instead of straight up canceling the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno, the producers of the film are talking about moving the shoot to Los Angeles to accommodate their star’s busy court schedule.

From TMZ:

As we first reported, it’s going to cost the flick a chunk of change to move from their original location in Louisiana — but we’re told they are willing to spend the dough to keep Lindsay as the lead.

One source tells us, “We’re staying [in Los Angeles] — good for the movie, but also the best way to deal with travel restrictions or other hijinks.”

This information only tells me one thing: The script for Inferno must be so terrible that the only way they’ll ever be able to market this movie is if Lindsay Lohan is the half-naked star of it.

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