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I Wonder If Ali Lohan’s Going to Be as Big a Trainwreck as Her Sister

photos of ali lohan wearing skimpy clothing modeling sister lindsay lohan's clothing line 6126 pictures

Have you seen our sixteen-year-old girlfriend’s latest photo shoot, modeling sister Lindsay’s 6126 clothing line? I don’t know what appalls me more — the fact that Ali Lohan is parading around looking like a drugged-out flapper in cheap lace, or the fact that the clothing line itself sucks so hard. Both kind of put a funny feeling in my stomach, and not like the one that you used to get climbing the rope in gym class. Because that wasn’t in your stomach.

I mean, I get that these photos (and this clothing on a sixteen-year-old) might be appropriate in the Lohan household, but in real life, guys? Three words: ‘what,’ ‘the,’ and ‘fuck.’

That’s all, I guess.

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