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So I Guess Lindsay’s Been Drinking Now, Too

photo of lindsay lohan drunk pictures

Remember that sensitive and well-thought-out Tweet that Lindsay composed ‘apologizing’ to her fans and supporters for relapsing on coke and amphetamines? Yup, looks like it was well-thought-out by her ‘friends’ — and it was all hashed out and dissected over round after round of Jack and Coke. According to Us Magazine:

That didn’t mean Lohan had to take admission seriously. As she composed her draft at [LA restaurant] Magnolia, her pal gave suggestions on what words to use. “They kept reading it over; they were clearly architecting it to make it more personal,” says the onlooker. “Her friend would say, ‘No, use “setback,” don’t say “mistake.” They’ll say you make mistakes all the time!” Continued the friend: “It’s better to say you’re responsible. Denying it will just get everyone mad per usual.” Lohan’s response: “She giggled!” says the source, then motioned for her assistant to order another Jack and Coke.

After they sent the final missive to Rudolph for approval, Lohan’s pal rubbed her shoulders supportively. “But Lindsay wasn’t emotional,” says the witness. “She shrugged and said, ‘This is how it is in this industry – you fail, you get up.” The four-time rehab attendee even joked about drinking that night, telling her friends, “What are you gonna do? I’m ill” – making air quotes with her fingers.

Apparently Lindsay’s not as intelligent as we’ve all given her credit for over the past few weeks.  And maybe daddy Michael Lohan was right on one thing — her “friends”?  Total fucking shit.  These people should be ashamed of themselves for even remotely being enablers — even in a small capacity — in her life.  Shame on them, and shame on Lindsay for not knowing the difference.

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