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Next Week Is Glee‘s Britney Spears Episode …

And this here promo looks amazing.  It looks like we’re going to see a remake of sorts of Britney’s “… Baby One More Time” video (there’s a link for you, just because the video never fails to throw me right back to middle school, and I don’t want to be alone there) and there’s even a glimpse of that iconic big ol’ yellow snake.  I don’t see any references to busted weaves though, so I guess they’re keeping it classic.

If you guys watched the season premiere last night, then hopefully you’ll understand why my personal dreams for the Britney episode involve Artie soulfully singing “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” to Tina and, on a slightly more realistic note, I would love to see Quinn sing “Lucky,” what with her going back to being popular and thus kind of a bitch.  Or Kurt could sing “Dear Diary” about that new quarterback with the ridiculous lips.

You see, there are really so many possibilities.  Glee is all about dreaming big, guys.  Heed their musical words.

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