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J.Lo and Steven Tyler to Join American Idol

Everyone’s freaking out over the announcement that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will be taking over the spots formerly held by Ellen and Simon Cowell on the American Idol judges panel, but I think they’re the perfect choices.

Steven Tyler has always been one of the most fun performers to watch on and off the stage and he knows his music. Jennifer Lopez has exactly what Paula had, a strong background in dance and a successful crossover to both singing and acting. Both judges are at the top of their game in their respective fields, pulling in millions in record and product sales and have clearly defined brands. In a way, J.Lo and Steven feel even more legitimate than Paula ever did… and since when does the country turn to Ellen when selecting what music to listen to? Please. If we can’t have the original Randy/Paula/Simon set-up, then this is about as good as it’s going to get.

But for argument’s sake, who would you have liked to have seen get the gig? I still think Howard Stern would have crushed it.

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  • I think the ratings will sink rapidly after the first few AI episodes. Neither JLo or Steven Tyler have the pull that a Howard Stern would have. I don’t see either of them (especially JLo) being the “replacement” for Simon.

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  • Jennifer lopez was famous for the amount of times jenny from the block was repeated over and over again. after that she was finished as far as music goes. Becoming recognized for being in the wrong place at the wrong time when someone gets shot is not included in how fabulous you think you are, or how fabulous you want us to think you are. I jumped up to grab the remote, when I heard Jennifer Lopez being interviewed, I wouldn’t be so lazy to forget that, even if she stopped saying I,I,I, Me ME ME at the beginning of every sentance, which btw she did not stop. Movies that have jennifer lopez in them, are not for me. She’s like rosie O donnell topped with sugar hype – hype hype no talent