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Bieber Lovers Get Ready For the Heartbreak: Justin Caught Kissing Some Chick in a Car

photo of justin bieber making out kissing sucking face with sixteen-year-old jasmine villegas in a car pictures

Oh, dude, it is on. This might be my first piece on Justin Bieber ever, because I do have some standards dontyouknow, and man is it a doozy. It looks like the pint-sized Justin has other women beyond Kim Kardashian that he’s willing to set his sights on, and it’s not only his sights he’s been setting upon them — Bieber was photographed in a serious makeout sesh yesterday by creepy lurkers TMZ and their camera crews and caught the entire thing on film, though it wasn’t as if Bieber and his woman were being all that coy about it.

The kids were photographed sucking face in broad daylight in the backseat of a Honda. The girly in question? Sixteen-year-old Jasmine Villegas, who is also Justin’s opening act for his current tour.

Surprises abound. But man, Justin … hasn’t anyone ever taught you? I mean … A Honda?

Images courtesy of TMZ

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