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Miley Cyrus Swarmed By Paparazzi, I Actually Feel Badly For Her

There’s this video going around today of Miley Cyrus bitching out the paparazzi after she leaves a Thai restaurant with Demi Lovato and I think the common opinion might be that she’s acting like her bratty self, but I actually felt a little sad for her while watching this.

Here’s the scenario: Miley arrived alone to the restaurant and valeted her car. As she was walking in to meet her friend, she kind of snapped at a couple of the photogs. There’s some video of Miley and Demi talking over dinner and from the look on Miley’s face, they’re discussing something very teenage and dramatic. I kept thinking that they looked like any two normal girlfriends eating dinner and complaining about the men in their life or what have you. After they were done eating, Demi and Miley left the restaurant together and the cameras started flashing. This is where things get a little bit uncomfortable for me.

After a moment or two of letting the paps have their way with them, Miley asks them to put their cameras down. Of course it was in her typical “10-year-old-birthday-girl-meets-a-raptor” tone, but it doesn’t take much to realize that she’s just over having her picture taken in that moment. Then Miley pulled her jacket over her face and stood next to a bush while she continued to wait for her car.

That’s so sad, you guys. I mean, in the grand scheme of things it’s certainly not that bad, but can you imagine hiding under your jacket in the bushes because a dozen grown men are sticking cameras in your faces and calling out things to antagonize you? And this is far from the worst paparazzi footage we’ve seen. I can’t imagine that it’s too big of a leap from this to freaking out on someone with an umbrella.

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  • It’s disgusting how the paps harrass ANY celebrity when said person is out doing their nprmal day to day activities.

    But get a brain. Ask the mgr. of the restaurant to have your car brought up front — or at the back entrance — and be waiting for you BEFORE you leave.

    Hire a bodyguard if you need to and it helps protect your privacy, and Miley has enough money to do that.

    Otherwise you just aren’t using common sense if your prior experiences are being ambushed by cameramen and you do nothing proactive. You can put a stop to it to a degree.

  • Check your grammar! You felt BAD for her. BADLY is an adverb and would be used to describe how you felt a rough surface with your finger tips. A rose smells GOOD. Never WELL, because a rose can’t perform the act of inhaling and has no sense of smell.

  • bitch shouldnt be famous then
    id love to have some cameras on me
    id light up a blunt and be like wassup muhhfuckas!!!! hit this shit bitcch

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  • You think Miley looks sad!!??
    Ever wonder how you look watching 2
    friends go about life while you watch from a distance & then have the time to create a website about it… that’s tragic!!

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  • Honestly, i feel bad for her, as well as all the other celebs having these assholes stalk them 24/7 with cameras. They should be allowed to live a normal life like us and not have guys constantly shoving cameras in their faces. Paparazzi really piss me off.

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  • Like seriously, they had their pictures and this one guy kept on taking pics of her! Geez. The girl couldn’t get away from the wall because they were hounding her. At least the guy filming kinda felt bad and was like ‘okay guys, give her a minute’.

  • She’s just being a bitch. If your gonna be a celebrity then there is gonna be paps i just have to get used to it and not threaten to kick them