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Florence and The Machine Was The Best Part of the VMAs Last Night

God, I hope that young American girls had their eyes and ears open last night for Florence and the Machine’s VMA performance because it was just stunning.

Last night while my friends and I were watching the show, I said, “If I was a 12 year old girl, this performance would be important to me for the rest of my life.”

My girl Jen was like, “Um, it’s important to me for the rest of my life.”

And I was all, “No. A genuine 12 year old girl. This show is made for tweens and teens and that’s why most of this crap is Drake and Taylor Swift and that DJ Mouse. Do you remember when we weren’t even 12 yet and No Doubt performed at the VMAs and changed the way you felt about being a woman and music and clothes and everything? For the world’s current 12 year old girls, this is their Gwen Stefani moment. After a night of watching nothing but crap, they get to see an unconventional woman with an amazing voice put on a show that you can’t take your eyes off of. This is a special moment for young girls.”

Everyone looked at me like I was kind of crazy except for my roommate. She just nodded because she’s really supportive and kind. But I think I’m right, guys. I think that on last night’s buffet of crap, Florence was the ambrosia.

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  • Agreed. Florence and the Machine are crazy amazing and she’s not vulgar and she has an incredible talent that she’s not lip-syncing (I’m looking at you Bieber.)

  • It’s… o.k. in a very winky-dinky splinky splanky way, all world music and PC and all that crappo. Sort of a very watered down Siouxie and the Banshees and, dare I say it, Simple Minds- they are the prototype for all that would come henceforth. It’s not bad that way, but it’s not earthshaking, or stunning at all. just … o.k. Yeah, I’d rather watch this than ANY rap, but that’s not sayin’ much.

  • She was amazing! Agreed that this was by far the best moment of the night. Travis Wall never misses… the best cherographer working in LA!

  • She’s epic!! Her voice is fairy tale like and why not praise an un-original voice, preformance and style! She a classic. Everyone else is auto tuned so they really could be anyone singing those songs, but with Florence it’s real and it sucks you in and you want to play in her fairy tale stories! She’s great! Boy Builds Cofins….ROCKS!!

  • I was channel surfing and landed on the VMA’s just as Florence and the Machine took the stage. Didn’t know them from Adam, but I was stunned by the time she was done. Went out and bought the CD the next day. She has such a rich voice. Haven’t even listened to the whole thing yet, I just keep replaying ” Dog Day’s”…..

  • Molls, you must be really ignorant. That mouse dj was Deadmau5 just so you know. It wasn’t meaning that the show was for 12 year olds. In fact, I hope nobody that young was watching because of the language and the crap Chelsea Handler was saying! Also, you must be tone deaf because there were some pitch problems and just plain bad sounding notes.

  • I agree priss. DeadMau5 is a great musical mind. I’m 26 and I love his tunes, as do my friends. Florence and the Machine was amazing, but no need to diss everyone else just because.

  • I totally agree. How can they let someone like Taylor Swift sing that HORRIBLE song and then let greats like Florence perform…was I still on the same show? :) Florence and the Machine is amazing and I feel like ive missed out on alot of great music due to my listening to the generic radio. I can alomost feel an Annie Lennox in her, not all the way..but maybe hints. Bottom line: The performance last night was my favorite VMA performance ever and I hope MTV continues to show her and play her other music.

    Also, “Heavy in your Arms” is another one of her good ones