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Megan Fox Slams Olsen Twins

Did you know Megan Fox had a career before Transformers? Yeah, color me surprised, too. Fox, who worked with the Olsen sisters back in 2001 on one of their productions called Holiday in the Sun, recently interviewed and discussed the Olsen twins (for some reason) and claimed that working with the two was weird, and that the girls were “socially awkward.” Megan also intimates that both Mary-Kate and Ashley are “crazy,” and claims that they have phobias:

“They’re nice girls. The first time I had ever been around someone really famous was them. We were kids, I was about 15 and so were they … I saw how awkward socially they were with large groups of people because they had been famous their whole lives and looked at their whole lives and I didn’t understand why anyone would be like that. I had no understanding about why you would shut down and be afraid and have phobias, but as it happens to you you sort of develop them and become crazy.”

Um, OK. They might be a little eccentric (God, am I really defending the Olsen twins?), but if you don’t shut the fuck up, Megan, they’ll do something “crazy” and buy your soul. I mean, every billionaire makes bad investments sometimes, you know?

More photos of Megan Fox and the Olsen girls in Holiday in the Sun — a movie I did not see.

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  • bahaha. holiday in the sun came out when i was 11 and i remember watching it 24/7. if you haven’t seen, i suggest you rent it. megan fox sounds/looks hilarious. mk & ashley were WAY better looking than her back then.

  • Did you even watch the fucking interview? Not only did you take her statement completely out of context, you also misquoted it. On top of that you just spectacularly proved her point about the ‘soundbite’ culture by purposefully misrepresenting her in order to get visitors to your shitty blog. Congratulations, moron.

    Jesus I hope I never stumble upon this piece of shit website again.

  • Sarah,
    I just wanted you to know, I used to love this website for the witty and funny things they say about celebs, because I’m an average American and some days have nothing better to do than to read People magazine ad shit like this. Since you’ve started posting, I’ve DEFINTELY been writing hatemail to the editor and I hate every single piece of work you’ve written so far. You talk too much shit, you’re ill informed, you almost always report stupid shit that isn’t true, and you obviously didn’t have many friends as a child.
    You suck, and the number of viewers this website has dwindles every day because of you.

    • Oh? I wasn’t aware that you had access to our site statistics to verify whether or not we lose readers on a daily basis. Guess I’ll have to change the passwords again. Damn and blast.

      • While it’s true that Sadie doesn’t have the exact numbers, it’s also true that there’s been a significant decrease in the number of comments since EB started hiring other writers.

  • ya, sarah – you def took what she was saying the wrong way. i actually saw the interview and she wasn’t calling the olsens crazy/socially awkward, per se. i don’t even like megan fox and think that 99% of what comes out of her mouth is idiotic….however here she’s not in the wrong.

  • Just by reading what you posted on here, which was not the actual interview, I could understand what she was saying. It was clearly taken out of context and bashed where it wasn’t necessary. I really can’t stand the woman, but it is obvious she is relating to them and explaining her own changed perspective on fame.

  • Yup, definitely not bashing them in this excerpt. Don’t have to read the rest of the interview to see that.

  • On another note I also remember that Megan Fox was on that show that Kelly Ripa had with the another blonde about sisters…I think it was called Hope and Faith. She changed a lot for sure..

    And don’t judge me for remembering that! We all have our issues lol

  • I love this website, and fairly ever feel the need to comment on something, but this stood out. I love Megan Fox. I think she is real, raw, funny, and not afraid to speak the truth. I saw the actual interview, which Diablo Cody did, and Megan is in no way, shape, or form slamming the Olsen twins. I’m not here to call you an idiot or freak out in any way, but I really think you should do some more research on your facts before posting items like this. The real interview was actually mainly about how when Megan does interviews with press, her quotes are always taken out of context and misconstrued. You basically just lobbed yourself in with the group of misinformed press that Megan discusses in her interview.

  • Please just read these comments, and admit that you were wrong and apologize to the fans of this website. Calling commenters out by making snide little sarcastic comments is the opposite of what you should be doing in response, and makes even the biggest fans (me) want to not read your posts and write to the editor.

    • Whether or not I think this post was well-written and thought out, the writer has the right to defend herself against snide little sarcastic commenters calling her an idiot and repeatedly telling her how badly she sucks. God, I would hate to write for this blog. You couldn’t pay me enough.

      • but are the writers posts not mostly filled with snide remarks (toward the celeb). this seems forgotten.

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  • I just don’t quite understand why you would take the time to write something so charged if you didn’t actually see the interview… Especially if you’re basing your piece on another opinionated blog. You’re intelligent enough to form your own opinions, and even if I generally don’t like what you have to say (not that it matters), you should make your own assertions. Maybe then people won’t bash you so much.

  • I love how in the video Megan says strongly in no way does she mean this in a bad way and also says how she is like this too now….then right after that they talk how certain things she says gets taken out of context and gets viciously reported in blogs…proving her point… blog, you suck

  • Yes, Sarah,

    You were a complete moron bitch.

    First, before taking shit from another site to post on your blog, get the facts straight. In this case, WATCH MEGAN’S WHOLE INTERVIEW. She didn’t say ANY of the things you posted above. You took her words completely out of context. Megan is totally right when she says the media is waiting for that 4 little words coming out of her mouth to turn them into something scandalous and untrue. It’s because of the stupid media and idiots like you that Megan’s totally misunderstood and misinterpreted and people have a wrong perception of her.

    Grow up and admit you ARE wrong. You own Megan fans an apology but mostly important: you own MEGAN herself an apology.

    People like you and the media are the real bitches, not Megan.

  • I completely fell in love with her in that video of her interview with Diablo Cody. She was so much more comfortable here than you see her in other interviews because she’s being interviewed by a friend.

  • What a fucking tard. Said she was 15 then BOOM she was actually 18 when she first started acting. – in the span of 2 min she forgets what she just said!

    Now she’s complaining about being a soundbite, also being judged and tries in a very TRAGIC attempt at dry humor the people WHO PUBLISH THE MAGAZINES,pay her, andkeep her releventISH, when her career is an utter embarresment and her value/worth is a farce and unable to hold a movie/profit and it would be better to not hire her at all unless you WANT to lose money rather than make. While finding it perfectly alright to lable the Twins, and thinks she’s qualified to call them socially awkward.

    Can we PLEASE block/black out this constant complaining over expiration date sourpussy?! Seriously people are SICK of her.

  • Megans words are not being taken out of context by the MEDIA. PEOPLE who read and listen to her interviews are not media. And we are the ones that call her out on her BS. Her fucking double standard that she masks with terrible (It was a joke/she was kidding/she isn’t trying to be offensive) dry humor. It’s a cowardice tactic to pull and only pulled by people who KNOW they are full of BS and are too insecure to own up to thier mistakes. She should listen to us and STFU because whenever she opens her mouth she spews nothing but the asinine or just disappeare with whats left of her farce of a career.

  • Sarah you are an idiot Megan is not slamming the twins, and her statement isn’t a negative, think before you post, you come off as a fool, Megan does not deserve this hate for doing nothing

  • Yes, they are taken out of context. And it’s your fault you’re stupid enough if you don’t get it when she’s being sarcastic, joking or talking seriously.

  • Sarah isn’t the idiot. The girl is an utter hypocrite and when people call her out on it she whines that she’s being singled out. So self-absorbed and utterly ingenuine; as if the world revolves around her? My god she even admitted that in THIS interview- again wthout realizing she just did that and of course it will be used as an example or dry humor by hers as the reason when it’s nothing of the sort. This kind of reaction doesnt happen to random people it’s what happens to every single person whether you’re in the industry or not.

    • yes Sarah is an idiot she is misquoting never watched the video and intentionally making Megan look bad for no apparent reason, therefore an idiot is born, those are the facts

  • Yep, Sarah is the idiot and apparently also is Zeph since he/she’s making good effords to keep judging Megan the wrong way. Plus, you have to KNOW and spend some time with a person to call her a hypocrite, self-absorbed and utterly ingenuine and don’t judge based on a loose statement of an interview you alone misquote or in Zaph case, is too dumb to understand. That’s why his defense mecanism is to call Megan a hypocrite. First, look at yourself. By this shit Sarah and Zeph posted, Megan just proved that she’s always been right about this.

  • Lis Mega Farse has proven nothing to nobody in anything she does. She blames the media for her troubles? Not the fact that she’s got the acting talent of a brick? She must have forgotten what a flop her last two movies were. Then she pulls the ‘ im just starting out in acting I havent been given a chance’ she starred in more than 4 TV shows and 4 movies BEFORE TRANFORMERS SINCE SHE WAS 15 YEARS OLD. Also notice how she takes back that age and says she was 18 /17ish when she first started ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The girl is nothing but an ingenuine contradicting LIAR who has absolutely no concept of what is an isnt appropriate. Did you forget how she called Bay (a jewish man) Hitler in jest? So am I to understand by that logic that so long as someone is pulling the ‘ I was just kidding it’s dry humor’ card that makes their asinine behavior acceptible and no one is justified for taking offense? Okay we’ll let that slide how about this latest interview with COdy? How do you explain her judgment on the twins? Does she see them day and night ? Does she hang out with them and know them personally ?? NO she doesn’t and yet here she is doing EXACTLY what she complains people do to her. So I guess it’s okay for her to do it but she is off limits to everybody else.

    • Did you forget Bay sexual harassed by posting a letter that she could do p()rn on his official website…you think that is normal for a boss?

  • Well remembered, Shame.

    BAY is a Hitler and a perv and hypocrite because he made up that letter because an actress didn’t get afraid to talk some things REAL about him. It’s pathetic.

    And Zeph, you are either blind or dumb. I think you’re both since you’re the one who’s judging Megan without even knowing her. You haven’t worked with BAY, she has, so she’s knows how perv and maniac he is. Her last movies flopped. So? Does that make her a hypocrite like you said? Nope.

    And watch the interview because she didn’t judge the Olsens, far from that. She said what she thought about their situation, having to deal with fame at an early age, AT THAT TIME, WHEN SHE WAS 15. Pay atention to the end of the conversation avout the Olsens when Megan clearly says that she understand how to Olsens were shield from press, fame, etc, now that she’s going through the same.

    *About her “lying” when she started acting. Diablo adked when she CAME to LA to start acting for good. And it was indeed with 17 years old. She made the Olsen movie and the Bad Boy cameo when she was 15, got back to Florida and THEN came to LA to purse acting career for good. So she wasn’t lying at all. Do some research on her whole life before talking shit, ok?

    *More than 4 shows and more than 4 movies before T1? Only in your maniac mind.
    Shows as a regular: Hope and Faith (2 seasons) and The Help (1 season)

    Shows as a 1 episode cameo (that’s an extensive experience?Nope): Two And A Half Men and What I lIke About You.

    Movies before T1: Bad Boys 2 (6 seconds cameo), Holiday In The Sun (shit), Confessions Of a Teenage Drama Queen (good) and Crimes Of Fashion.

  • And Zeph:

    Taking your own words: “How do you explain her judgment on the twins? Does she see them day and night ? Does she hang out with them and know them personally ?? NO she doesn’t and yet here she is doing EXACTLY what she complains people do to her”

    And do you know Megan personally? Do you see her day and night tor hang out with her, the Olsens, BAY, etc? Nope. She spent some time with the Olsens and with BAY, so she has base to say. You didn’t, so you complain about her but you’re doing exactly what you’re wrongly claiming Megan “does”. So there you go. Congrats.

    Megan IS right. You don’t know her to call her a liar, hypocrite, etc.


    Or are you one of those sad cases that woudl literally waste a whole day waiting in a line for the off chance of seeing her? Or own a fan site of hers, visit a fan site and save thousands of pics of her to your computer? Newsflash you dont know her either.

    NO ONE is Hitler. Do you understand that? My god where is your morality? You dont compare a MOVIE director with a mass geocidal madman not even as a joke. If you have no problem with that then Bin Laden shouldnt be what he is in your eyes either- if you cantr take such things seriously why abide the laws that protect people too? I mean hey Megan fox said she believed the war on drugs was Propaganda – tell that to the families whose husband have DIED fighting it. It’s all jokes yes? I mean Bin laden has only done so much to the world but hey lets compare Christopher Nolan to Bin Laden HA HA. What asinine logic.

    What is WRONG with you? Why would I RESEARCH a movie actress? What knowledge does she have to offer me that will improve my understanding/education – you know what research is ? MAO, Saddam, george Washington, the founding fathers, the american revolution, wars of civilzations, the Palestinians, the rowanda genocide, the armienian genocide THATS what matters THOSE things you research. You know actual relevent issues? How sad are you? Have you actually wasted years of your life researching people playing pretend?

    As for the experience 2 SEASONS is two slots = 1 and half years worth of experience INFRONT OF THE CAMERA AND ACTING. The other two same deal, thats FOUR SLOTS ie FOUR TV APPEARENCES. Thats not counting that god awful SNL she did. And the other movies BB’s might have shown 6 sec of her that made it to the final CUT but she was working for at least a day to even 4 days or a weekend(depending how long the actual shot was) The other movies well she was anything but an extra so yeah SHE GOT HER CHANCE and yet all she has ever done is whine. She lands TF but its NOT because of her the movies sells and Jb and Jonah Hex returns showed what a loss she is to executives.

  • I know her better than you do, that’s for sure. And that’s exactly why I don’t jugde her and have NO reason at all to hate her like you do.


    Taking your own words: “How do you explain her judgment on the twins? Does she see them day and night ? Does she hang out with them and know them personally ?? NO she doesn’t and yet here she is doing EXACTLY what she complains people do to her”

    And do you know Megan personally? Do you see her day and night tor hang out with her, the Olsens, BAY, etc? Nope. She spent some time with the Olsens and with BAY, so she has base to say. You didn’t, so you complain about her but you’re doing exactly what you’re wrongly claiming Megan “does”. So there you go. Congrats.

    Megan IS right. You don’t know her to call her a liar, hypocrite, etc.

    Answer that. Or are you too afraid to admit you’re immature enough to insult a person you don’t even know or spent some time with based on gossip sites. And newsflash for you: She HAS fans whether you like it ou not. Better than be a childish moron like you who come everyday here to bash her. Is your life that empty?

    “Oh, Jonah flopped, she called BAY Hitler , she “can’t act”, blah, blah, blah”. She’s so “horrible” and yet you’re spending your pathetic time talking about her. See the irony every single one of her haters do, especially you? So stop whinning and get some better arguments, honey. She’s not going to disappear because you want it. Soooooo sorry. ;)

    Oh, and there’s two movies of her coming up so some executives still want her. And you will keep whinning about it too. Research.

  • Oh, in conclusion:

    “I mean hey Megan fox said she believed the war on drugs was Propaganda”

    Source? Another quote you misinterpreted. What a surprise.

    “What is WRONG with you? Why would I RESEARCH a movie actress?”

    So you’d stop babbling non sense things and see for yourself what she actually means in her interviews. But since your life depends on you bashing Megan no matter what, it’s impossible for you to grow AND BE FAIR AND POLITE, right? And YOU have no knowledge about anything at all: you came to a soundbite blog to bash someone you hate through gossip media stuff and want to talk about interesting subjects to research? Great one. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! Start with your own.

    And SO WHAT BAY is a movie director? He’s also the same as Hitler: mad, maniac, egocentric, have some issues, only care about himself, want to have his things ONLY his way, and is a perv. The only difference is that, like you said, Bay didn’t “kill” anyone (really???). As for the rest, he’s exactly like Hitler. And you are too.

    So kiss his ass and deal with it.

    See ya, honey. ;)

  • How could this article be more wrong, and the interview was so recent and has video and audio, Megan even explains herself rather well and even stops herself and explains further so she can’t be misinterpreted, but somehow someone found a way to turn this into a slam against the Olsen’s, this is such a false misrepresentation i had to comment

  • I am a journalist.

    Trust me.

    Do not forget. Some true or fake interview

    Ashley Olsen is nice person.
    She is still acting. Not retire!!!

    Did you read Fashion Magazine??? It is trustworthy!!!

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