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Lil Wayne Holds Down the #1 Spot From Prison

I’m not sure if it’s the first time this has happened, but Lil Wayne has a number one single even though he’s currently sitting in a prison cell.

From Billboard:

Over on the Digital Songs chart this week we greet at new No. 1 in the form of “Right Above It” from Lil Wayne featuring Drake as it struts in with 225,000 downloads sold. It’s the first No. 1 for Wayne on this chart and it’s his best sales week as a lead artist.

Impressive! I’m even more excited to hear what he’s been writing while he’s been serving time now. Long live Weezy Baby.

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  • 2Pac had a number 1 debut album while in prison with “Me Against the World” in March 1995.

  • this is bullshit. he’s a criminal, he shouldnt be able to make money or release anything that might make money in the future, while he is locked up.

    also, this dude is really, incredibly ugly.

  • Wow, really molls?? You dig Nicki Minaj AND Lil Wayne??? There’s a reason why this shitty music keeps getting put out and you’re it. Stick to gossip, for the love of God, stick to gossip and keep your shitty tastes in music to your damn self.

    • most retarded lyrics ever? Maybe you have not listened to much of his material:

      I used to love her.
      I still do.
      Because love never dies.
      But it can kill you.
      I pray to heaven sky that it never kills me.
      It can get you real weak, but forget it, I’m a lil G.
      My baby girl thought I was screwing every little freak.
      But darling, I was raised by a woman, that ain’t the real me.
      Still she managed to spill out a little me.
      Watched the doctors wipe the blood from her little feet.
      God damn, she resembles me.
      She’s my forgiveness for every sin and penalty living in me.
      She should be living with me.
      But what am I to do, when her mother disagree

      And just the other day, my brother Chris killed his self
      I pray to God, that I never feel the way he felt
      Where do we go when there’s no help?
      He figured Heaven, so he went left
      Ya’ll know that ain’t right
      Plus, he was high as a plane that same night
      I probably been on that same flight
      I probably had that same fight
      I just kept swingin
      Twelve rounds comin, bells ringin
      (I run with trouble… trouble)
      Introduced to the game, when I was just a child
      Mama love a drug dealer, straight quit her job
      And took his life, and along with him, I died
      And she died, we died
      Then came my daughter to my bed side
      Told me daddy, don’t cry, I’m alive
      I look her in the eyes, and see me with no sins
      But this is how the note ends

      Those are two random verses from two diffrent songs. Wayne has plenty of great songs/lyrics.

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