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Can Angelina Jolie Pull Off Marilyn Monroe?

It’s been reported that Angelina Jolie will be playing Marilyn Monroe in a new film about the actress/model’s life, but Angelina said in a recent interview that not only has she heard nothing about the project, but that she’s not sure if she’d be the right fit for the role. Not only do I agree that there’s just got to be someone out there better suited to play Marilyn, but I’m impressed that Angelina didn’t just do the standard, “I haven’t heard anything about it, but I love the idea,” thing that actors always do in interviews. She like, actually admitted that she probably isn’t the right actress to do the part justice.

While Marilyn and Angelina have their bombsell-status and history of drug use in common, there’s too many things that feel off about this potential casting to me… Yet I’m not sure that there’s anyone else who could pull it off right now, either. It’s gotta be hard casting the part of one of the most beautiful and iconic women in history, ya know?

So let’s play casting couch in the comments. Are there any actresses out there that you think could pull off this part (I swear to G-d, if anyone says Katherine Heigl, I will eat a gun), or are you thinking they’re going to have to find some bombass newcomer like I am?

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