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Sadie Frost’s Memoir: Intense and Mostly About Jude Law

Ok, so Sadie Frost, Jude Law’s ex-wife, has written a book. It’s called Crazy Days, and it’s a tale of, among a couple of other things, her life with Jude. Jude made a fuss about it and tried to prevent the release of the book, but that apparently didn’t work, because The Daily Mail is serializing the book so that we all can know of its wonders.

This first bit that The Daily Mail released tells of 25-year-old mother and wife, Sadie Frost, meeting 19-year-old Jude Law on a movie set in 1992 and how she began to develop feelings for Jude:

Filming began in 1992. Gary [her husband] was as devoted as ever and I knew that by even entertaining thoughts of Jude, I was jeopardising an idyllic home life, the most secure relationship I’d ever had.

I crushed my unwelcome ideas about Jude, but it wasn’t easy. I was beginning to prefer this straightforward young man to my intellectual older husband. Still, I tried to reject my dark thoughts, until it became clear that Jude was interested in me, too.

A night shoot in which we sat in a car was almost painful, so powerful was the force drawing me to him. He turned to me, his stare intense and hungry. I allowed my gaze to take him in as his almond-shaped, avocado-green eyes thundered their way into my soul. His head was shaved and he was wearing tight black trousers. Time slowed down inside our bubble and I realised we were destined to be together. ‘Cut!’ shouted the director, shaking us back to reality.

I absolutely love Sadie’s writing style.  I feel like I’m reading a V.C. Andrews book, it’s wonderful.

On a more serious note, Sadie discusses at length her experiences with postpartum depression.  She writes of taking care of her first child alone while Jude worked and how she became so depressed that one night she cut herself with a pair of scissors.  She also alludes to that time when her daughter Iris, who was two at the time, accidentally swallowed some ecstasy at a birthday party and how the media’s reaction to that incident caused her depression to intensify until a friend asked her to go to a clinic.  Instead, Sadie went to see Jude, and it became clear then that their marriage was over.

So dramatic, you guys.

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    • I’m pretty sure she likes it IRONICALLY. That’s the “humor” around here. God, this website is getting so boring.

    • LOL! And then, of course, “I realised we were destined to be together”… *queue violins* Oh, how deep! How moving! Twilight fans should be all over this…

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