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MIA’s ‘XXXO’ Video is Surprisingly Tame

Lady Gaga, take some freakin’ notes, will you? I’ve been saying this forever. The only way to come back after going crazy or releasing a song or music video that scares and offends half the world is by doing something digestible and mainstream to show that you can play both sides.

While MIA’s video for “XXXO” is being slammed by some for “looking cheap” or because musically we’ve heard her do better, I have to say that a breezy pop single accompanied by easy and fun to watch video is actually quite smart.

Forget the idea of constantly trying to top yourself, sometimes not topping yourself is the only way to show everyone that you’re working with something real.

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  • huh.. I don’t understand. In that link you posted to her interview, it made perfect sense, in fact I agree with everything she said. Nor did I get the feeling it was at all contrived or crazy. And this video is pretty awesome. It reminds me of MGMT’s video for Time to Pretend, which is really really great.

    I love the absolute cheesiness of it. It’s challenging todays world where everything is airbrushed and all the music video’s look the same. And it’s also just fun, you know, like you don’t have to take it too seriously. But I guess you really have to have a certain kind of sense of humour to enjoy it.

  • It looks like one of those chain emails that people used to send, with unicorns and bears and hearts, which said “send this to your 10 most loved friends to show them how much you love them”.

  • It’s meant to be cheap looking, have you ever seen her album covers? She relishes in that naff, internet circa 1999 image. It’s also similar to the garish, dated imagery that we see in Bollywood movies and websites from Asia where they haven’t quite caught up with the rest of the world yet. This is nothing new.

  • best video of the year <3
    it's simply so fun to watch, makes me wanna cover everything i own with glitter stickers

  • It’s like.. clip art? This isn’t Lady Gaga.

    PS – Kyra, not every video looks the same, check out “CocoRosie – Lemonade”