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Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen Fight Over Adult Contemporary Chart Toppers

Although we’re all well aware of how heated things got between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller this winter (you may remember something about him holding her at knife point on Christmas?), we’re just finding out that Brooke reported several other instances of violence to the police that day.

Officer Rick Magnuson was one of the three police officers to arrive on the scene and his report is just now being circulated. In it, he writes about the violent behavior that Brooke said she’d been a victim of.

“I asked [Sheen] if he ever harmed Mueller in the past. [Sheen] stated that approximately two months ago, in California, Mueller accused him of sleeping with prostitutes. [Sheen] stated that he denied this allegation, which escalated into a ‘huge fight.’ He added that when Mueller attempted to leave the argument, he grabbed her by the wrist, causing her to fall to the ground. [Sheen] added that Mueller hit the back of her head on a piece of furniture as she fell to the ground. [Sheen] stated that Mueller was injured when her head contacted the furniture. [Sheen] added that neither he nor Mueller reported this incident to law enforcement. [Sheen] added that Mueller received medical treatment for her head injury. [Sheen] added that the Mueller’s injury was not intentional, adding that she accidentally hit her head as he was trying to restrain her.

She was very adamant that [Sheen] intentionally hurt her by throwing her to the ground, like a ‘rag doll.’”

The fight resulted in Brooke needing a CAT scan.

While Sheen’s actions are unforgivable, you have to wonder what the hell happened in order for things to escalate the way they did. We knew before that the fight supposedly started over a song and a gift from Santa, but it’s so much worse than it sounds. According to the same police report, the couple got into a screaming match over the Train song “Drops of Jupiter”. Yes, for real.

According to the police reports, Sheen told officers that he and his daughter “share an affinity for both astronomy” and the Train tune.

“He bought two tracking telescopes; one for his daughter and one for him so they could both look at the same point in the universe at the same time, as a way of staying connected,” Magnuson wrote. “[Sheen] added that Mueller was jealous of this relationship with his daughter. He stated that Mueller said, ‘You have a song you share with your daughter, but not one with me.’ [Sheen] replied, ‘It’s my daughter, can I have this moment?’ [Sheen] was emotional while telling this story.”

Well, that’s just beyond sad.

There’s no end to this story, really. Charlie and Brooke are addicts and their presence in each other’s lives has been nothing but toxic. While the two have attempted to reconcile, I’m afraid that it’s only a matter of time until they go off the rails again. Here’s hoping one of them decides to get out before their twins are old enough to remember being around this kind of sick relationship.

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