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Jennifer Aniston Adopts 33-Year-Old Boyfriend from Africa

I’m not even sure how long this clip has been around, but it just made its way to my inbox, and I LOL’d myself half to death.

POOR JENNIFER ANISTON. She just has the worst luck with men!

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  • Exactly how fucking desperate do you need to be to do this kind of shit?… The guy is leaving his wife and 2 kids just because Jeniffer is horny and has the money to buy people? wtf!! I have lost all respect for her even since she decided to sleep with 200 diferent men a year, but this? this is just over the top.

  • Tako and Evilbeet haters are proof, they don’t know what is real or not..LMAO. You two need to calm down, the site who made this is just making fun of Jen for being single or not having a man.
    In other words, the boyfriend, wife and kids in the clip doesn’t even exist.

  • i didnt understand this story… this isnt true right? like i dont belive doing that kind of stuff is even a posibility… someone explain to me please

  • While I loved the story (ONN is always good for a laugh) the funniest part of this was reading the comments.

    • My favorite, ever, is on ONN’s YouTube video, “Anonymous Good Samaritan Donates Over 200 Kidneys To Local Hospital.” In the comments below, one person posted “This is obviously some kind of serial killer! Are they just stupid! Who has access to 200 human kidneys!” This, despite the fact that the hospital listed “brains” as one of the organs that they desperately needed.

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  • Whoa Tako. Relax. I feel so bad for Jennifer Aniston. People need to leave her alone. Just because she’s in her 30’s DOESN’T MEAN SHE NEEDS TO FIND A MAN! She needs to keep having fun and doing what SHE WANTS TO DO AND SCREW WHO SHE WANTS TO SCREW. Why would she want to settle down? She’s too pretty for it and she needs to ignore everyone and live for herself.

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    MEAN SHE NEEDS TO FIND A MAN! She needs to keep having fun and doing what SHE WANTS TO DO AND SCREW WHO SHE WANTS TO SCREW. Why would s