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The Hoff Got Hassled and We Got Pics

David Hasselhoff was honored with a Comedy Central roast last night and while the show isn’t set to air until August 15th, I went ahead and pulled some photos for you. Here are my thoughts:

  1. While The Hoff is famous enough to get roasted, shouldn’t we still be punishing him for the cheeseburger phone call?
  2. Nicole Eggert looks like she’s suffering from the worst case of coke bloat ever.
  3. Whitney Cummings’ dress won the red carpet
  4. Pam Anderson. American (but actually Canadian) Classic. Can’t not love her.
  5. Traci Bingham is the ultimate example of “black don’t crack”. She could pass for a 20-something.

Are you looking forward to watching the roast?

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  • Poor sot – how come we can’t get Britney Spears dad to run rehab for all the wasted pretty people out there?

    I hope that the Hof survives, but if he doesn’t, I hope he leaves his body to SOT (Society of Toxicology).

    I’m sure that your liver looks like something the cat dragged in, but the rest of you looks lovely for a lush. Live sober and prosper, Hof.

  • I think I may have been the only person who watched Celebrity Fit Club when Nicole was on the show. She seemed like a major drunk. She refused to give up alcohol for the brief period of time they were there and got sloshed regularly. I don’t know if it’s coke or wine (or both) but man, how the mighty have fallen. She used to be so pretty

  • Whitney Cummings offered a nice upskirt as she got up to roast Hoff. She was wearing white panties. I have it on the DVR and will take a pic and upload later.