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So, I Guess There WAS Some Kind of Validity to Rachel Uchitel’s Induction Into Celebrity Rehab

And here I thought it was just because she was a fame-hungry, fuck-at-any-cost ho. Silly me!

RadarOnline released exclusive emails between Rachel and Tiger while they were “dating” (that were presumably sent to Radar by Rachel herself) that claimed both parties were addicted to pills:

“Would it be possible for you to get us some more Ambien,” Woods wrote to Uchitel in a November, 2009 email.

Uchitel responded, “Ok, but we need to talk about this. I don’t know how to deal with us possibly being addicted to prescription meds.”

“What can I say to make you stop taking Ambien excessively? What can I do to prove that I’m worried?” [Says Uchitel]

“I feel like taking pills is my only alternative!” Woods answered to Uchitel’s concern.

Now, to be clear, the couple weren’t, you know, cracked-out zombies that took high-powered sedatives to zone out. Supposedly they were taking the pills for another, more lurid, reason: the idea that some who take Ambien have instant sexual gratification-type results almost immediately after taking the pills.

So they’d dope out on sleeping pills and fuck ’til the cows came home … or until one of them passed out in a drug-induced stupor that resulted in unconscious eating and some more sleep sex.

Uh … win?

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