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Taylor Momsen Might Be The Best Example For Your Teenage Daughter

Bear with me for a sec. So 16-year old actress/singer Taylor Momsen recently did an interview in which she allegedly said that she’s bored with men and that these days, her vibrator is her best friend. I think the immediate reaction that people are having is that it’s wildly inappropriate for a teenage girl to be talking about getting herself off with a battery operated device, but I think this is actually one of the smartest things I’ve ever head a young star say in response to a dating question.

Here’s the thing: If Taylor Momsen is telling teenage girls that instead of spending time with dudes, they can stay at home and masturbate and not feel embarrassed about it, I think that’s a great thing. It’s certainly the best argument for abstinence that I’ve ever heard. She’s not even saying “don’t have sex” or pretending that teenagers don’t want to get off like the rest of the world, she’s just saying, “Hey, just because I don’t hang out with pointless dudes doesn’t mean I’m not getting mine.” That’s like, borderline the most mature thing I’ve ever heard a teenager say. Ever.

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  • I’m all for speaking the damn truth and not being ashamed or embarrassed. At least the vibrator won’t cheat on you with your best friend.

  • The recent activities and statements made by Mel Gibson are sufficient enough reason for any reasonable person to prefer a battery operated device over a human being. This, of course, assumes you still consider Mel Gibson to be a human being. God alone only knows you had better have pretty strong jaws and the constitution of Peter the Great to endure the oral demands of the fellatio voracious, whore-dog from Hell, a/k/a the fellatio demanding drunkard from “Down Under,” Mel Gibson.

    I predict that Taylor Momsen, and the joy she receives from her vibrator, will totally eclipse the joy both gay and straight people receive from their partners, this year. Who needs all of that emotional shit, not to mention the babies that come from all of these failed relationships? You go girl. Plug it in, plug it in.

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  • Yeah, that’s good and all, but I think it’s unsettling that she says she’s bored of men…

  • Pretty sad to be this jaded at such a young age. At any age really. What if Miley would have said this?

  • i guess i’m in the minority here, but when i was 16 sex was the last thing on my mind….let alone “getting off.” i don’t own a vibrator, nor have i ever used one, but don’t you have to buy them at like adult stores? plus, taylor is a minor……not quite sure how that works out.

    • ur right… some legal issues there… haha btw cant a girl just use her fingers?? I think that would be more appropiate

  • I dunno, I got bored of men for a bit in my late teens, early 20’s.
    I got interested again about 6 months later. I’m all for vibrators and this is probably the first thing she’s ever said that I don’t think came off totally contrived or stupid. Hope springs eternal.

  • a-fucking-men. i wanted to strangle a bitch after that whole who gives a fuck about haiti comment; but this… this is pretty awesome.

  • another typo today. instead of heard, molls wrote head. i know its minor, but you DO get paid to do this.

  • i’m all for it. anything that keeps teenage girls from becoming teenage mothers is a win in my book. I’m surprised she was willing to say that though, its pretty bold for a 16 year old to talk about publicly. Female masturbation is still usually so hush hush that i think the shock value just comes from us not being used to people talking about it

  • Girls shouldn’t be making decisions about sex based on what some other teen says. Use vibrators, don’t use vibrators… whatever. It’s private. The stupid thing about what Taylor Momsen is saying is that she is going through a phase of saying things to shock or impress people. If she was saying them because she was some fountain of wisdom who wants to impart some important knowledge with her peers, then fair enough, and how refreshing! That’s why Miley comes off genuine and clued in for her age – because she isn’t going around saying private things purely for shock value or to impress people with how sexually mature she is. Taylor looks arrogant and trashy because it’s obvious she doesn’t know anything about anything yet- she’s just lucky to have a certain amount of talent and looks and she can get away with spouting this kind of shit until she goes all Courtney Love on us and no one will pay any attention any more.

  • What I hear from the
    these days bored with men and her vibrator is now her companion
    is she’s 16
    so exactly when and how long did she spend with men before she got board and switched to the vibe?

    like from 8-14 = different man every night
    15 = ehh
    16 = vibrator craze

    The Vibe in the form of abstinence is one thing
    but the 16yr old becoming board with men already and switching to a vibrator is something completely different.

    • DON’T CALL WOMEN “HOES”! You are operating from a SEXIST DOUBLE STANDARD! OBVIOUSLY you didn’t know what that was, NOW YOU DO.

  • every girl i know that i have dated or not dated owns a vibrator and if they tell you they don’t their lying, it’s a part of life, get over it

  • That is not good for her. How old is she, about 16? I’m only 22 and I do not do it. It is disgusting and disturbing. I don’t see how guys can think thats hot, all because their using a vibrator on their pussy or sticking a dildo in their pussy(or ass) EW!

    • Please don’t call it a “pussy”. It’s a VAGINA. And if she wants to do it, then she’ll do it, whether you like it or not.

    • STOP CALLING WOMEN “HOES”!!! DON’T CALL HER “FUGLY”. Just because you are not personally attracted to her, doesn’t mean she is ugly. ALL WOMEN ARE EQUALLY BEAUTIFUL!

    • That’s a F**CKING SEXIST remark, although I’ll give you marks for calling it a “vag” instead of “pussy”.

  • I actually agree with anonymous person (who is not from the North of England so that is a first). How can a girl be that devoid of humanity and emotion if shes given up at 16. If she needs a vibrator her man isn’t doing right. My ten inch cock will probably solve her problems. How can Americans advocate abstinence so fondly without trying sex, or are you ALL just doing it wrong. Come to England for free penis. Yes this is a spaming sex add and I am darth quaver. \She is Hot a Foooo*K/

    • She’s not devoid of humanity or emotion, MEN ARE. That’s why she prefers to have sex with herself.

  • Taylor Momsen is a hot bitch. I love how she talks about this issue openly. She is an amazing singer and actor at the young age she is.