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Draco Malfoy Got A Record Deal

After posting a couple of adorable, sappy songs on YouTube and recording some songs to sell on his website, Tom Felton now has an official, legit recording contract.  Even though I just found out that Tom Felton sang songs on YouTube about fifteen seconds ago, I already love it and I’m already excited. I’m such a sucker for that folky, acoustic guitar, “I’ma sing a sensitive yet quirky and fun song about a lady” style of music, and it looks like that’s exactly what Tom is doing.

Hey, so if Tom Felton can sing, and if Daniel Radcliffe can sing (I haven’t heard him, but if boy’s going to be in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, he better be able to work it out), then I only want to know one thing:  when can I be expecting the duet?  Y’all can do something folky and original if you want to, but really I’d be satisfied with a cover of, say, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.”

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