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Will and Jada Are Raising Some Down to Earth Kids

Looking at this image of Will and Jada with their kids Willow and Jaden at the London premiere of The Karate Kid is just like looking at so many albums from my own childhood. The paparazzi, the glamor, the historical surroundings… Can’t we all relate to this?

Check the gallery below to conjure up more memories from your own childhood…

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  • Heh. :-D
    But historical surroundings, Molls? That’s not exactly an old bit of London. English does not necessarily equal historical. I don’t know the exact age of those buildings, but I’d guess they aren’t even as old as New York.

    I live in Hastings in the UK, and area which has been continuously inhabited since mesolithic times, but which is most famous for the battle in 1066. And that’s not unusual. You’d have to get out of bed pretty early to impress most British readers with your historical surroundings! But those pictures shouldn’t even impress an American. Maybe an Australian. ;-)