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This Chick’s Just Not Going Away, Is She?

You remember Rachel Uchitel — Tiger’s wacked-out mistress #1?  Looks like girlfriend’s going to be on the next season of The Apprentice. So help us God.

Trump, Apprentice creator, was said to have called Uchitel a few weeks ago about the possibility of having her on his reality show, and she reportedly said “Absolutely.”

David Boreanaz, Tiger Woods … this opens up Hollywood and it’s “leading” men to the cavernous orifice known as Rachel Uchitel’s vagina, and her seedy manipulations, too.

Good move, Trump. Now that you’re bringing this fetid old crotch launcher into the open, the “I Fucked Rachel Uchitel” disease should spread faster than fucking ebola.


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  • So since Tiger bought her silence, after her loose lips sank the ship of his marriage and career, does that mean that he gets to have her free of any further charge for the rest of her life?

    Or is he so mad at what her indiscretion cost him that he wants to go back to a nice, peaceful life consoling himself with scores of hookers, porn actresses and waitresses while she is trying to rub her too-tan, injected-lipped face in his by refusing to go quietly nursing her $10 million all the way?

    Oh, the questions Tiger’s wild ways have generated!