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Whoopi Goldberg Isn’t Going To Have Words Put In Her Mouth By a Bunch of Bullshit Bloggers

Whoopi Goldberg supposedly made a statement earlier on The View this week saying that she had worked with Mel Gibson, and although all evidence points to the contrary, her experience with him showed no signs of him being a racist. Well, of course the blog world reacted to that statement and said things like, “Why do you think he’d act racist toward a famous black woman?” and “Do you think just because he wasn’t racist toward you that he’s not racist at all?” Then people started calling up the offices at The View and chewing out Whoopi’s secretary, which brought Whoopi to make the above statement on the show yesterday.

I agree that a black woman might know better than me, a totally white woman, when someone is being racist. However, I think that Whoopi’s statement got the reaction that it did because there’s no way you can deny someone’s negative feelings about black people after you’ve heard them tell their girlfriend that she’s going to be “raped by a pack of n***ers.” Call me crazy, but Whoopi’s positive on-set experience with Mel can’t make me unhear those words.

Do you see Whoopi’s point or do you think that it’s as irrelevant as I do?

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  • Based on Whoopi’s experiences with Mel Gibson, Mel was a nice guy while in her presence. At least she had the guts to say what her personal experience was and not immediately throw him under the bus.

    All she’s saying is that is what she experienced. Give her credit for being honest about what her impression was.

    • Well said Chuck. Whoopi wasn’t defending his behavior, she was only relating her own experience. We also have to realize Mel did not know he was being recorded but the lady did. I am not saying how is reacted is correct but she certainly “controlled” herself knowing she had taped it.

  • I’d say this is the equivalent of someone coming up to you and telling you your friend Sam, whom you’ve known for years, got someone pregnant and then to do nothing about it. You’d probably say “Sam? But Sam’s not like that! He’s responsible and really nice! And he likes kids! Why, I remember once…” and then go into some examples of how much Sam loves kids and what a nice guy he really is. People will defend their friends. It’s a fact of life. I can’t blame her for putting years of personal experience and contact with the guy before a few clips.

  • I agree with what Whoopi said at the end of this segment…you can’t say a person is racist just because they used the “n” word while yelling and screaming at their girlfriend. “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

    • As a Black person, it really scares and worries me to hear you and others talk about how it’s perfectly fine and normal to refer to Black people as niggers when they’re having arguments with their partners.

  • “I agree that a black woman might know better than me, a totally white woman, when someone is being racist.” Does the stupid burn when you pee?

  • In the original segment, I don’t think she said she made a film with him. She said she knew him well personally and for many years. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    No question, dude’s totally a huge racist. gross.

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  • That’s all well and good, but does she HONESTLY expect people to watch that pile of crap show she’s on?