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Orlando Bloom Is Super Educated

Orlando Bloom already had one degree from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, but he missed his graduation because he was off being a beautiful elf in Lord of the Rings. Luckily, he got a second chance – plus a brand new degree.

He was given an honorary degree from the University of Kent yesterday, and he got to graduate alongside 340 other alumni at Canterbury Cathedral.  He was also pretty pumped about it:

“It’s a really big deal. It’s an exciting day for me. I’m really honored to be back in my hometown. I have so many amazing memories of the cathedral and Canterbury. I have lived near the university so it’s like my playground. It’s a huge, huge honor and I feel chuffed, as does my mother — nobody more than my mother.”

Orlando was cheered on by his parents, his sister, and his fiance.

On a side note, how cute is his little graduation outfit?  Mine was nowhere near as adorable as that.  His jaunty little cap is just too much, I love it!

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  • I suspect he really felt it was a ” …huge honour …”, as he belongs to one of the realms using proper english.

    • Suck on a blunderbuss you rotten-toothed, fog breather. The entire world hates the English.

  • your outfit wasn’t as cute as his nor your cap so jaunty, i’m guessing, because you were not a graduating PhD candidate…

  • I bet that plenty of Ph.D. candidates have lousy grammar (and spelling too). And both honor and honour are correct in their respective countries. Using honour in the U.S. just gets you flagged by spell checkers.

    And the hat looks huge and silly to me. The robe is a bit much too. I have no idea why he deserves an honorary degree, but it’s clearly a form of much-ado-about nothing that he is enjoying, so I’m glad that he’s excited about it.

  • Whatever on everything else — he sure is pretty adorable. I love when people smile and it shows in their eyes, unlike some other dead-eyed, lost-souled celebrities.

  • i graduated with him! he made a speech about his first play when he was 4 and being dressed in a monkey suit, and came across as quite a nice guy. needless to say there was lots of giggling from the graduating girls