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Yeah. This Guy’s Not a Pedophile Waiting to Happen, Right?

photo of ferris bueller and beetlejuice actor, jeffrey jones

Remember this guy? Jeffrey Jones?  The dad in Beetlejuice and the principal in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Turns out he’s a gross child pornography peddler. I didn’t know that. And yup — cue the bored commenters who are going to say, “jeez sarah your [sic] a celebrity bloger [sic] and you dont [sic] know that this guys [sic] a prevert [sic]? you shuld [sic] just quit already. i hate u.” Go for it. Have at it. And … begin.

Whatever. Anyway, yeah, Jones had a little accident a few years back where he paid an underage minor to take nude photos of himself for his, uh, own personal pleasure. He got in trouble, and it placed him right at the top of his state’s sex offender registry.  Seemed to be the end of the story.

But not quite.  Evidently, he moved last year and failed to update his pee-pee toucher status with his new state of residence, and the local court system found out about it. Jones now faces a felony charge and could end up paying $20k in fines, not to mention a possible jail sentence of up to three years, if convicted.

Way to go, Jones.  I always thought you were a creepy little thing, but now my suspicions have been confirmed — even if it is seven years after the fact.

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  • I have ALWAYS gotten that creepy vibe from him, so I amhappy to see that someone else feels the same.

  • I think you're a fine blogger, Sarah, but I'd use “incident” as opposed to “accident.” There are people out there who don't understand sarcasm.

  • He is a total creepster. He was at his creepiest in Howard the Duck, IMHO. I never knew about his sex offender status, though. No matter who's involved, it's always an awful situation. Poor kid.

  • If you don't think Sarah is good at her job you must be a moronic imbecile who can't spell simple words and lacks a basic understanding of grammar? Sarah, attacking the few people who bother to read and comment on your subpar posts does not make you better at what you do.

  • But it sure makes me better than the people who utilize baseless and irrelevant blitzkriegs against my writing, with no rhyme or reason behind their imbecilic personal attacks, and I'm so OK with that.

    And thank you for reading — and commenting! — on my subpar post; I feel it deep down inside, girl.

  • So you think people assume YOU should know whether some nobody in Hollywood is a pedophile, BECAUSE you're a gossip blogger.

    Baseless and irrelevant, there is a reason people talk smack about your writing, because you're a tool.

  • 'Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! I hate Sarah's writing SO MUCH. I hate it SO MUCH that I'm going to read her blog ALL THE TIME and tell her how much I HATE IT! Waaahhhh! I'm going to increase her page views and make the advertisers happy and keep her paycheck rolling in. That'll show her!'

    Give me a break.

  • Could you whine a little more? You're a blogger, people are going to not like you. Leave the annoying comments out of your writing. You sound like such a child.

  • i don't think insulting your audience is the way to garner supporters. bitter and condescending, as usual.

  • [Nodding vigorously] I'll definitely consider taking your wicked sageness under advisement.

  • “pee pee toucher status”….hahahaha. It's funny, though it shouldn't be. This guy's just icky. I've always gotten that vibe from him, but not to that extreme.

    And I love your posts, Sarah. And your sarcasm. Keep it up.

  • It's probably not a good idea to promote the idea that you can tell if someone is a child abuser by looking at them. If all child abusers were indeed “creepy” then I think there would be few, if any, victims. They would know to stay away. The point is that child abusers work very hard to gain people's trust to be in a position to abuse children, so no one will suspect them or believe their (eventual) accusers. The last thing they would want is a parent considering them creepy. That's not how you get alone time with their child. Besides, the idea that you should know who is an abuser and who isn't by superficial contact with them puts at least some responsibility on the victim and their family, where it doesn't belong.

  • I think she was being like 'I should have know' because the incident happened years ago. From her article, she only found out about it because of recent developments in the case, not the initial charges.

    Me too. I hadn't heard about this before. Gross.