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Mel Gibson is Still a Racist Psycho, You Guys

Mel Gibson's Racist Rant

Well, Mel Gibson is fucked for real this time.

He’s already been caught saying racist, sexist and antisemitic things, and now there’s just even more to throw on top of that. Mel’s ex, Oksana Grigorieva, sold a taped conversation to RadarOnline that had some pretty freakin’ horrible things coming from Mel’s mouth. The audio can be found here, but here’s a couple examples of what he said:

“You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault.”

“I am going to come and burn the f**king house down… but you will blow me first.”

There are endless versions of the “you will blow me” line, it’s basically a lot of him sexually degrading her. Pretty terrifying stuff, considering Mel’s a father and has a ton of Christian America wrapped tightly around his Jesus-loving fingers. Oh, and don’t forget that he hits her, too.

Let’s face it: We went soft on Mel last time. There are many places in this town that Mel’s still not welcome, but we kinda gave him the Dog the Bounty Hunter treatment and not the Michael Jackson treatment he deserved. You know what I’m saying? We can’t be quick to forget that this dude is for sure a bad one.

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  • “we kinda gave him the Dog the Bounty Hunter treatment and not the Michael Jackson treatment he deserved.” That line is very telling of your own racism. You destoryed Mike Jackson and Chris Brown but gave all the white guys a pass. “I'm just saying, maybe you need to take a look at the man in the mirror.

  • …do you mean “can't be found here”*? It's no where to be heard on Radar, just snipits.

  • Wait wasn’t the point that we treated him simply like a bigot when in reality, this guy has some serious sexual issues ON TOP OF being an outright racist? I mean, in this case Mel’s using a racist comment IN ORDER TO tell his ex that he hopes she gets brutally sexually assaulted (saying it be by Black men is supposed to make it especially barbaric). This man is SICK and should NOT be allowed around his children or anyone else’s.

  • who gives a shit about his private life? i like his movies and his work. his private life is his own. respect the art, not the man who makes it. besides that was leaked in public. he never said that in front of cameras. don,t go looking for shit. you can find it in your own back yard.

  • Mel Gibson is the bomb. Why should we listen to this author about garbage thoughts he/she may have. Yeah, Gibson might be a racist, so, who the fuck gives a shit.
    The Jews steal the lives of the rest of the world; they just want to take over everything, and tell us how to live our lives, fuck the Jews, toss them in the oven, let Iran wipe Israel of the map, all better for us. Another thing, Obama I voted for to present change, take military out of Iraq/Afghanistan, give Healthcare to all U.S. Citizens in America, but his recent remarks with that America will stand with Israel; he has gone too far, may he be hated all over the world, and lose the next election. Also siding with Gibson, all these Niggers take the hard-working Americans jobs, our prosperity. So fuck all Niggers. A joke for all: What is the American dream? Answer: To see all the Niggers swim back to Africa, with a Jew tucked under each arm. Finally, to see America become great, we need the KKK, and the Aryan Nation in support for Mel Gibson as a future President.

    Thank You

    • I pray that The Lord FORGIVES U & your WICKED, COLD & EVIL HEART…Your one messed up individual WHO WILL GET NOWHERE in today’s World if you OPENLY COME OUT, REVEAL YOUR TRUE IDENTITY & EXPRESS YOUR SAD VIEWS!!!
      By the way NAZI GERMANY LOST World War II in 1945 (THANKFULLY!!!)- THEY WERE ALSO JUST THROWN OUT OF THE FOOTBALL WORLD CUP 2010 last night- Because OBVIOUSLY they are SHIT & last I herd Adolf Hitler, ashamed of defeat, abandoned his so called ‘BLONDIE-RACE’ & commit suicide…the Fucking LOOSER. So all you COWARD, UNDERCOVER Nazis can go join him & BURN & ROT in hell with him, that FUCKING CUNT-ha, ha, ha, ha.

  • You know what ,,, Mel has had the weight of the world on him
    and so what if a support beam starts to fall as hes holding the
    planet up . I think what he said in the past was probably true
    Just not Politically True , and the other stuff ,,, Russian women
    are Fierce ,, and this was probably just one way that Mel keeps
    on top of the situation. He Doesnt Mean it ,, But its just a way
    that he thinks that she will relate to him better .

    Nobody ever asks Mel ,, what his side of the Story is ,, you know Why ? Because Hes A Tough Australian Actor . To Me
    Mel Gibson is the Finest Actor in The World , I thought about the Other day ,, Lenoardo , Sean Connery , Robert Deniro , and
    Clint Eastwood , are Probably the only Actors that are in and
    or Remotly Close to the Level of Talent Mel Gibson Has ,

    So How about we give Mel A Fair Trial ,, Instead of Prosecuting
    Him on Everything , Whats Mels Side of the Story ,,, What happens to Mel on a Daily Basis ,, How is the Media Manipulating him ,,,, I Mean ,, These Are Questions ,

    Best thing Mel Did was Leave that Chick ,, I Dont know her But
    From What i see ,, Shes Not up to Much .

    Keep It Going Mel ,, From Your Original Australian Buddies , The
    Fighting Irish

  • I think way too many people are forgetting the fact that this whore buddied up with him in a hour of darkness, then filed for divorce only months after she had his child…. She then tired to keep him from seeing the child, WHILE living in his house.
    Mel, if your fighting off the alcohol now, your a better man then I am sir. I think that we’d all be in trouble if our ugly, angry moments were “secretly” recorded.

  • GOODJOB for mel gibson! show that dumb pig in heat who the boss is! and make sure u get ur blowjob before u burn the house down mate! its what i. Did to my wife, of course she “aint aroun nomoe” ;P u can get away wit it bro!


  • mel gibson was just doing what was right, hes not a racist, woppy goldberg said so, hes sat in her house with her kids, playing monopoly for gods sake.

    also his girlfriend axana, is a gold digger like me and my friends, infact i dont really know any more of mah girls that aint gold diggas, shes just a stubborn rich snob nosed russian hoe, all she was interested was the money/fame for being gibsons gf,

    AXANA IS A money grubbin WHORE

    mel gibson is an honest, non-racist person.