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Larry King’s Marriage Surprisingly Outlasted His Show This Time

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After twenty-five years on air, Larry King Live wraps up its last season this year. The show finishes this year’s season in the fall.

Larry King, who is an icon in his own right, has never shied away from controversial topics or outlandish guest interviews (uh, remember Charles Manson?), and it’s going to be hard to replace the timeslot held by King for the past two and-a-half decades. Wonder who’s up next on the roster … Sarah Palin, maybe? Nope. America’s Got Talent judge, Piers Morgan. He’s evidently got his very own bid in for taking the reins of the revered Larry King:

“CNN has made it clear to Piers that he is the network’s first choice to replace Larry. He is very, very close to agreeing to terms. America’s Got Talent finishes in mid-September. That is perfect timing to coincide with Larry’s retirement and allow Piers to take over.”

So, farewell, Larry. You’ve been doing your thing with Live longer than I’ve been living, and you’ve definitely made yourself a household name. You’re golden. Now just get rid of the crazy bitch wife, and you’ll be stellar.

I’ll end this piece with my all-time favorite Larry King segment, the infamous Paris Hilton interview.

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  • The funniest joke I ever heard about LK was one made by Howard Stern, where he said that when he was watching him interview former presidential candidate H. Ross Perot, it reminded him of the bar scene in “Star Wars.”