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Jill Zarin May Leave Real Housewives, Which Would Make The Show Totally Pointless

Jill Zarin to Leave RHONYC

Jill Zarin, despite her absolutely heinous behavior on season 3 of Real Housewives of New York City, is in many ways the backbone of the show. Today after hearing that Jill may not participate in season 4 and instead go on a spiritual journey, I have to wonder if there’s even a point in the show continuing.

Let’s face it: After fame sets in, the women on these show completely change. Most of the season 3 drama was driven by Tweets, press and scandal, three things that most normal housewives don’t really have to worry about. The illusion of these women living fabulous but ordinary lives has been completely swept away, and all us folks watching at home have to cling to is how much we care for the characters. With Bethenny and Jill both talking about leaving the show, what would be left? Ramona, LuAnn, Sonja and Alex running after the remaining table scraps. Gross.

With Beverly Hills and D.C. versions of the show being filmed now, I think it’s time for the New York City cast to be put to bed. These shows just go stale after a few seasons.

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  • I sort of wish that I knew exactly how much of this adolescent nonsense is scripted bullshit and how much is real bullshit.

    I wonder what a spiritual journey of Jill Zarin's would consist of: giving up buying any new designer clothes for a year? Not wearing makeup in public on the sabbath? Going to an expensive spa and meditating with a private instructor?

    Donating $25,000 to the some high-level Buddhist monk in exchange for a trip to Tibet and an initiation, which means being roped into giving more money in perpetuity?

    Oh, well, I guess the spiritual journey will be televised, so she'll be well paid for her quest.

  • I agree, so over the Housewives! It was fun while it lasted, but last time I watched I threw up a little in my mouth. Love the new Bravo show Double Exposure, that's real and glamours without the BS.

  • They need new blood. Sonja is one funny drunken slut. I am sure Bravo can find a few more like her. (Without the drinking and driving, kids, we don't want anyone getting hurt!) I still like crazy Ramona — crazy in a good way. Avery, her daughter, is gorgeous & is the only one to put Ramona in her place. I think that Bravo could work with these, dump Jill, LuAnn (boring) and Kelly (needs mental health treatment ASAP). I'm on the fence about Alex. I liked her spunk this year. This show could be a fun guilty pleasure reality show if Bravo tried a little harder.

    You are so right about getting stale. New Jersey is the prime example. It is just obnoxious. Atlanta is getting that way, too. And isn't this franchise supposed to be about WEALTHY women & their crazy lives? Is it the curse of the Real Housewives that so many of them go broke after about the first season???

  • This show must have zarin back precisely because she is so hateful (full of hate, jealousy). She really did drive all the drama both on and off the show and while unintended, made Bethenny a star.

    Just Love to Hate Jill.