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Susan Sarandon Enters The World Of Reality Television

A photo of Susan Sarandon

But don’t worry, it’s going to be nothing but class.

“It won’t be the Jersey Shore. It’s more of an episodic documentary. We’re trying to invent something you haven’t seen before that follows a bunch of people in this crazy little subculture.”

What subculture is she talking about, you may ask.  And the answer is “ping-pong.”  Because apparently there’s a ping-pong subculture, and Susan Sarandon is really into it.  Who knew?

Susan is an investor in a ping-pong nightclub, SPiN, and she calls herself the “Johnny Appleseed of ping-pong.”  She wants to showcase the growth of the club and the ping-pong players that frequent it, a few of which she believes will make it to the Olympics.

As for when to be expecting this show, Susan doesn’t know that. She’s unsure what network the show should be on because she wants the show to be “quite different than anything else that anybody’s seen before.”

I had no idea ping-pong was this big of a deal.  When I first heard the story, I thought it made sense, but then I realized I was thinking of beer pong, not ping-pong, so I went right back to square one.  And believe me, I love me some Susan Sarandon, but I don’t see me ever watching a show about a ping-pong nightclub.  What about you guys?

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  • she can do anything she wants…she's Susan Sarandon, and she is VERY cool. I'd watch this program at least once. though ping pong is a sport that's more fun to play than watch.

  • ping pong, relevant?uh nooooo…. just because she is SS does not mean she can pull off a show this LAME. it is because she has been involved with some way younger guy in the club…..i find this creepy. ping pong indeed…..

  • Ya know, I bet there was more than one person (I am in this club) who said, “Who the h*ck wants to watch some show about people going crab fishing? Who cares?!?!” And I was wrong. The whole point of shows about subcultures are that most people don't know about/understand them. That's what makes them interesting.

  • From Wikipedia:

    Table tennis is the most popular racket sport in the world, with over 300 million active members of governing associations worldwide.[1] The game is controlled by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), founded in 1926. Since 1988, table tennis has been an Olympic sport which includes four event categories.

    Who in America knew? Chinese Americans, I assume.