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Sean Kingston Seriously Punked Out

A photo of Rihanna

Ok, let’s do some imagining.  Picture this:  you’re in London, partying at a hotel, having a good ol’ time, and then a beautiful woman approaches you.  When the woman gets close enough, you realize that she is not an ordinary beautiful woman, but she is actually Rihanna, famed musical artist and general big deal!  While you’re still trying to process this, Rihanna asks you to go to a club with her.  Do you:

A)  Say yes and spend the evening kicking mad game at Rihanna

B)  Say yes and spend the evening creeping on Rihanna

C)  Say no and spend the evening being a total dumbass because you said no to Rihanna

If you are Sean Kingston, the answer is C.  When Rihanna asked him to take her out to a club, Sean said no because he didn’t have any clothes ironed.  That was his excuse.  That is like saying “Oh sorry, Seth Rogen (or Brad Pitt or Megan Fox or whoever, I’m just currently in love with Seth Rogen), it would be totally cool to go on a date with you, but I’m going to be busy washing my hair tonight.”

At least Sean realizes his error.  He says that he “can’t believe” he turned Rihanna down, but that he “couldn’t go out with a superstar looking bad.”  But come on, Sean Kingston, you sang a song with Justin Bieber, just buy some clothes.  That or take a page from Bieber’s book and just not give a fuck.

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