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Bang or Bust: Clay Aiken and Perez Hilton

photo of perez hilton and clay aiken

Not that I’d normally want to give any (more) free press to he-who-is-known-by-moniker “hamface,” but I read a rather interesting piece on his site late last night about an unspoken play between Clay Aiken and Hilton himself to take Simon Cowell’s spot on American Idol.

So, before I ask you the question that’ll turn your stomachs, I need to know: who would you rather see as a judge on Idol, Aiken or Hilton? I’m going to have to go with Perez, you see. I think it’d make for pretty good entertainment. And I think that Perez and Randy Jackson would constantly be butting heads, because I don’t think Randy’d want to put up with Hilton’s over-the-top antics and shameless “look at me!” brand of self-promotion. And that could be interesting in itself. So, damn. I think Perez would make a fantastic Idol judge, don’t you?

Anyway. The question to gag a maggot, as referenced in the headline. Broadway-lovin’, showtunes-warbling Clay Aiken, or the preternatural portent-seeker, Perez Hilton? And you’ve got to answer; that’s the rule in this game. I don’t want to hear, “Ugh! Neither!” I want to hear honest, hardcore, “depends on the lives of your children, cats, dogs or Aunt Mabels that you decide” type of truth.

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  • Seriously, guys? You're not gonna talk about the World Cup? I know it's not gossip, but your team advanced to the next round (which is quite an achievement for the US team) after winning over Algeria, with an AMAZING goal, thanks to Donovan! It's really frustrating that those boys don't get a lot of attention. They really deserve it.

    And if you want gossip, there's a picture of your captain Carlos Bocanegra (total hottie) drinking beer with Bill Clinton! If that's not newsworthy, I don't know what is…

  • Perez. Because I don't watch it, but when I come across clips, I prefer that there be a bitchy, mean judge involved.

  • Aiken – only because he has experience with the Idol format, understands what the contestants are going through, and can hold a tune. Perez – ugh. Just….ugh.

  • Clay. I never want to see Perez on my TV screen. Clay has been through the process, knows something about singing and has musical talent. Did you hear that guy Perez promoted last season on Idol? HORRID. If that is his taste in music kill me now. If Perez gets the spot no way in hell am I watching AI anymore. It was bad enough with Simon and Paula gone it would be atrocious with Perez as the replacement.

  • Oh PUL-EEZ! If this tries to remain any type of discover & launch TALENT “show” it would have to be Clay. He has the experience from both sides (being on as a contestant & a recording artist/singer afterwards). While I love Ellen, we've already seen what a poor judge a non-singer/non-musician is, on AI. PH in't even on the entertainment front…he's just a self-promoting gossip Blogger. (Let's just hire a homeless guy off the street, he'd probably do as well or better, than Hilton.) And it could be very entertaining to “house-crash” pick a “judge” (I use the term very loosely) every week.

  • I'll take Aiken's bang over Perez's bust, his bust makes me ill. The show would be reduced to a Perez promo every week. He is only about himself anymore, he's become worse than any fame whore he writes about in his columns. No talent. Icky man.