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Jimmy Kimmel does Twilight

Did you guys watch Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night?  If not, you probably should have.  It was an hour-long special promoting the premiere of Eclipse, and it was wonderfully titled Jimmy Kimmel Live: Twilight:  Total Eclipse of the Heart.  Jimmy asked Robert Pattinson such significant questions as “vampires would kill a shark easily, right?” (you can watch that exchange here) and “what happened to your dreamy, impossibly tousled hair?”  The interview was amazing, but Jimmy Kimmel went and outdid himself with the above video.

I never even considered the possibility of a Jersey Shore version of Twilight, but now I don’t think I can imagine my life without it.  With Snooki playing Bella and The Situation playing Edward, this epic love story is even more vivid in my mind.  Can’t you just imagine The Situation sneaking into Snooki’s room to creep on her while she sleeps or ripping into her uterus with his teeth to save her from their lovechild?

If not, that just proves that Jimmy Kimmel is ahead of his time.

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