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Did Katy Perry Get a Boo-Boo?

photo of katy perry's twitter account where she claims she was injured

Yeah, you read that right: “boo-boo.” Though I do admit that I wanted to type “boob-boob,” since Katy Perry and the word “boob” go together better than Doritos and milk, but you know. You just gotta love that word association thing.

Anyway, it sounds like Katy sustained some kind of injury while dancing at this past weekend’s MMVAs, and she had to go and get stitches for whatever happened. Like, seventeen of them. I hope they’re not on her face. Or worse, her boob. Could you imagine? Cripes. But maybe it wasn’t a dancing injury … maybe it was an injury as a result of, you know, sexual exploits with that bug-eyed toolbox, Brand (though I’d still probably sleep with him, too, maybe). Maybe she sliced herself on his razor-sharp nips or something. If you’ve ever been witness to any of Brand’s super-tight t-shirt-wearing days, you’d know that those things could really cut a bitch if not supervised properly.

Regardless, best wishes to Katy, and thank God for Twitter, huh? If it weren’t for CelebTweets, we’d never know when our, uh … favorite stars were injured, bleeding, sexing or otherwise dead.

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