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Former Survivor Contestant Lights Himself On Fire After Celtics Loss

Shane Powers, who you may remember from his days on Survivor, pulled a very dangerous stunt last night to pay off a bet he had running with MTV producer, David Katzenberg. Apparently the two made a deal that if the Celtics (Shane’s hometeam) lost in the NBA finals that he would light one of their shirts on fire and if the Lakers won, David would have presumably done the same.

The video above, while being one of the most dangerous things I’ve seen a person do in real life without any sort of supervision, is freakin’ hilarious. I don’t know if Shane is completely out of his mind or just the most die-hard Celtics fan ever, but either way, you don’t want to miss this.

And kids: Never, ever try this at home.

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  • a) WHAT. A. MORON.
    b) “completely out of his mind of just the most die-hard Celtics fan ever”? … Same thing, much?

  • This guys strong suit is not brains. Who in there right mind and has any commen sence would light there shirt on fire.
    I think this guy needs to make a appt with a shrink like yesterday..

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