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Eminem Supports Gay Marriage

“I think if two people love each other, then what the hell? I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want.”

– The notoriously homophobic Eminem says he supports gay marriage in a new interview.

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  • First of all Eminem is NOT homophobic. GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT. He has always supported gays, and always said he says things just to piss people off. THAT IS THE SOLE REASON HE PERFORMED WITH ELTON JOHN, one of the most flamboyant men out there, to prove he was not a homophobe. He continues to be good friends with the man. MOLLS YOU NEED TO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Sasha, why do you let idiots like her post? She never has her facts straight :(

  • Shady, calm the fuck down! Sounds like the drivel of some rediculous super-fan who can't tolerate anyone saying anything remotely negative about their hero. Get over it!!! The truth is that as long as Eminem continues to use language that perpetuates hate, violence, and discrimination against gays he will be seen as and talked about as a homophobe! When he sits down to write, he has the option to leave the word “faggot” out of his work, but he rarely makes that choice. This makes him a homophobe. Spin it whatever way you want to – it is a prejudiced, bigoted, and dangerous word that only homophobic pieces of shit use to describe people!

    Keep on calling 'em like you see 'em Molls!

  • While I personally never use faggot, I know of people that do. It's a common word now and not necessarily degrading to gays, the same way when we sue lame we don't mean cripples anymore. English changes over time. Also look at the culture in which he participates, there's a lot of other factors and to call him a homophobe would be defamation, as in countless interviews and the like he has said he is not a homophobe and his actions have proved it. Finally, if you base him only on his “Slim Shady” persona, you're an idiot, there's a lot more to him, he's said countless times he says things to get a reaction more than actually believing what he says.

  • Yeah, I agree that faggot isn't necessarily degrading to gays. Why just today I said 'hi faggot' to my gay dad and he just waved and kept putting on his rasberry lip gloss and blue eyeliner.

  • The truth is that as long as Eminem continues to use language, hatred, violence, and discrimination against gays and said she likes the homophobic! When you sit down to write
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