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Star Jones’ Book is Going to Rule

Star Jones Pens Tell-All

Remember back in the day when Nicole Richie wrote that fiction book about a girl who was a famous singer’s adopted daughter? And the girl was friends with lots of famous people and did drugs? And it basically was a memoir but she never really acknowledged it? OK, well Star Jones is about to do the exact same thing, but with The View and I can’t freakin’ wait.

The NY Post reported that the story will follow a group of women who host a TV show called “The Lunch Club”. Things get hectic on the set when the co-hosts learn that a former castmember who knows all their dirt has decided to return to the show. As we all know, Star never made a return to The View, but she did leave on quite unpleasant terms, and everyone knows that some legendary shit goes down in their make-up room.

I’m hoping that where Barbara Walters’ book “Audition” left me wanting more dirt, The Lunch Club might be able to answer some lingering questions I have about the behind-the-scenes dynamic there.

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  • molls could you find out how much the book will cost and how many pages it will be?

    I’m trying to figure which will be cheaper to wipe my ass with, a Charmin six pack or the pages containing this losers literary diarrhea.