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You Better Watch It, Jersey Shore

A photo of the Jersey Shore cast

The people in charge of the hilarious travesty Jersey Shore are working on a very similar show.  Except instead of fist-pumping* guidos and guidettes, there will be rednecks.  Doron Ofir Casting is looking for “12 lucky guys and gals who are keepin’ it country and want to party their asses off” for the show titled Party Down South, and they’ll be traveling all throughout Dixie to find these people.

I’ve never really spent time on the Jersey Shore, but I have spent my whole life in the South.  My high school had an annual Drive Your Tractor to School Day and I spent a good part of my freshman year going to school at a NASCAR race track.  My dad drinks about a case of beer on the porch every night and he collects guns.  I’ve drunk whiskey at a bonfire by railroad tracks under a bridge, and I’ve been told repeatedly by family, friends, peers, and strangers that I’m going to hell.  I feel like I’m really in tune with the stereotypical Southern redneck scene, so I’m all too excited for the utter trash that will be showcased if this show makes it to television.

*I just want to note that I was able to work “fist-pumping” into both of my articles today.  That’s all.

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  • Damn. I wish I still lived in Missouri… I grew up near Branson, and that’s about as hick as you can get. This show sounds a hell of a lot more fun than “JS”.

  • They are also planning one for Boston/Massachusetts tentatively titled “Wicked Summah”. As a New Englander I am not excited for this.

  • So, I was reading through this and all of a sudden I thought wait.. she’s describing where I live, that’s too big of coincidence. Then I clicked on your facebook link to realize that we’re from the same city and have 7 or so friends in common.

    The world is too small.

    • The only moonshine you made was putting your fat ass on display in the trailer window for daddy.

  • unfortunately the series will end after all the cast and crew shoot each other on a drunken bet.. har har

  • As someone who has lived both in NJ and in the south, I can almost guarantee there will be more fights in the redneck version. There will also be a lot more talk about Jesus. Maybe we’ll be treated to Sunday at the megachurch after a night of drinkin’, cruisin’, and ass whupin’.

  • My father drinks on a case of beer on the terrace every night and collecting arms. I drank whiskey at a bonfire under a railway bridge, and I was told repeatedly by family, friends, colleagues and strangers that I'm going to hell. I feel I am very much in tune with the scene of the stereotypical Southern redneck, then I am very excited about the total waste to be submitted, if this show is on television.
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